Fatal GateWay Official Trailer has Released!

Fatal GateWay Official Trailer

Fatal Gateway is an upcoming thriller film. Damian Romay is the director of the movie. (americachip)  The story features the title “ Vacation goes Wrong” It is a story of friends who live in a stunning rental home. After some time they feel that something is not good or right in this charming property and handsome host.

In the cast stars, Anja Austin as Jennifer, Laura Ault as Vicky, Patrick Michael Buckley as Rio, Christie Burson as Eliza and Antoni Corone as Officer Martin, Karlee Eldridge as Bridgette, Tilky Jones as James, Abi Goldstein as Neighbor, Shein Mompremier as Monica and Fedor Steer as Hector are included.

Well, the trailer released and film can release at any time in 2019.

The story seems interesting where a friends Eliza joins her friends in a high tech dream house. James is a house hostname who looks so handsome. He gets romantic attention of Eliza’s friend Bridgette who was struggling from her ex. However, she thinks that maybe these vacations gave her the chance to move forward.

Sooner or later, Eliza realizes that things are not peaceful like James’s friends Hector us following her and her friends. So She starts to discover the truth and at the end, a dark secret truth reveals at spell a permanent end to their fun.

We are so excited to watch the film, However, at this time you can just watch the trailer here.


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