What is number station and story behind it?

fictional novel about numbers stations

Fictional novels about number stations have been created in the minds of most people. Many people think of the number station as a ghostly, creepy, mysterious or supernatural symbolic message. But are the messages fictional novel about numbers stations  at the number station really mysterious? In today’s discussion we will know what number station is and why somebody finds it fictional novel about number station?

We all listen to the radio more or less. There are basically two types of radio listeners, such as FM radio stations and radio stations broadcast from the Internet. There are also radio stations of other frequencies and their different names. Such as high frequency or shortwave, extra high frequency, ultra high frequency limit through which there is also satellite signal and police scanner report.

According to ultius review amateur radio, pelagic and air stir are also included in these frequencies. Today we will learn about high frequency i.e. shortwave radio station which is also known as fictional about number station. This number is used to send symbolic messages to various intelligence agencies and the military. This number station has been in found since the First World War and has been the center of attraction for many years. For many years some of journalists have tried to decipher the mystery of this number station.

Filmmakers have also created creepy movies centering fictional novel about numbers stations  on this number station, creating a haunting and mysterious idea about number stations for many. But to be honest, this is not a message sent by an alien or the spirit of a dead person who died in the Cold War. Rather, these stations are part of the sophisticated work of intelligence agencies and the military, through which they send urgent messages. These messages have to be collected in the wind from there.

Countries around the world such as China, Cuba, Iran, Romania broadcast these shortwave messages from their public radio stations. These off-beat signals are transmitted in somewhat digitally synthesized voice in the interest of privacy. So that the general public cannot easily understand these signals. They sometimes listen to these signals live or by sending digital corpses in Morse code. These are commonly known as number stations. In today’s discussion you will find out why a hypothetical idea about number stations has been created.

Why a hypothetical idea about number stations and why it was used?

What is a number station and why they are fictional about number station?

Encrypted messages were originally sent from the number station to a specific person. Prior to the invention of the radio, secret messages were communicated by letter or light signal. By the nineteenth century, it was possible to send messages via telegraph and telephone by connecting to electrical lines. Radio was invented in the early part of the century and quickly became available for military use. When Germany heard about this radio message, they became aware of the message sent by the Russian army, which fictional novel about numbers stations caused the Germans to launch a crushing operation in East Prussia in 1914. Thats why somebody calls them fictional novel about number station.

In the last years of World War I, coded numbers were first transmitted using low and medium wave frequencies, especially Morse code. The use of shortwave began in the early 1920s. Then the message was sent using shortwave. These shortwave signals would travel through the ionosphere and be reflected back to Earth. It was used only for the activities of foreign intelligence agencies and for sending various messages to distant units of the military.

Since these code messages can be heard all over the world, it was kept encrypted to protect its privacy. A one-time pad known as The one-time one was used to send these messages. It is a kind of sheet of paper that is randomly arranged in groups of five or more to form a message that can only be mathematically interpreted. The message of this letter is mathematically converted to a number and added to it along with some other numbers and stored in a notepad. It is called False Edition. The recipient receives this encrypted message on his or her own one time pad and retrieves the text of the message using the False Subtraction method.

This method is extremely effective and simple. These encrypted messages can only be decoded by a third party if they somehow get access to the recipient’s one-time pad. Or the text of these messages can be retrieved directly from the recipient if the recipient agrees to publish this message. There have been a number of such incidents in the twentieth century that provide evidence that intelligence agencies actually use these signals.

The CIA and the British Secret Intelligence Service sent their agents from 1945 to 1956 to support anti-Soviet guerrillas in the Baltic States, Belarus, and Ukraine. Most of them were detained with radio transmitters and code books. The KGB used these codes to entice most agents to send messages to their masters. The FBI hired some of their sources and sent them to the Communist Party of the United States, seizing many coded messages sent by the Soviet Union. Even in the FBI files released on Operation fictional novel about numbers stations Solo, the bureau decodes these messages with decoding instructions from spies infiltrating the KGB. In 1986, the KGB released a movie called The Game, which they used to display codebooks and transmitters.

The KGB CIA agent discovered Alexander Ogordonik in 1973. Another case was the 2001 Cuban Five case where Cuban spies were detained. The number station was used to prosecute them. The message from the number station was sent to the spies via radio on a Tshiba laptop. A special floppy disk is then used to decode it. A pre-decode key is set on the floppy disk to allow the message to be decoded. The term direct number station is never used in Intel or military documents, perhaps for the sake of privacy. Instead it is called radiogram, radio message or transmission. A German couple was arrested in 2013 on charges of spying for Russia and providing military secrecy. They were caught trying to make these shortwave messages. Now we see there is fictional novel about number station.

Tracking Numbers Stations

It is absolutely impossible to decode these encrypted messages unless one-time pad access is available. Even then, for decades, many have been studying the technique of decoding these messages. Even trying to figure out the exact time to send their message. The first station logs were made in the 1960s by William Thomas Gadby or Havana Moon.

Simon Mason then wrote a book called Secret Signals: The Euro Number. For the past two decades, two radio listener groups, Enigma 2000 and Number ODGT, have been doing most of the work. Enigma has been setting different title formats for these stations such as E for English, S for Slavic, G for German, V for various. In 2016, Lewis Bush published a book about these stations and their possible locations, called Shadows of the State.

A significant compilation of past station station recordings can be availed of the Content Project. Using this documentary evidence, they are now trying to find the owners of the isolated number stations. Accurately identifying the owners of modern day stations using signal triangulation and other technical observations.

Number stations were the most active in the 1970s. At that time secret coded messages like The Lincolnshire, Repasodi and Gangs were being broadcast on the station. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, all these activities fictional novel about numbers stations declined. Like many intelligence agencies, Stacey and Romanian Securite are attached as part of the KGBO number station. Many Western intelligence agencies have begun to use new methods to send encrypted messages, such as steganography. As a new way they are using encrypted messages in pictures or digital media.

Looking at the lists of number stations, it is clear that Russian foreign and military intelligence has been using SVR and GRI stations extensively. According to the report, the countries using number stations are Poland, Ukraine, Egypt and Cuba.After being suspended from about 2000 to 2016, North Korea began broadcasting these coded messages using special pseudonyms on its state-run radio, Radio Pyongyang, as a matter of distance from universities. The recipient realizes the symbolic message sent by the number at the beginning of the message.

Sometimes the sponsor of a station is not as self-evident one might think. for instance, not all Russian stations transmit in Russian: sometimes they transmit in English or Spanish. Polish stations transmit in English and Russian. Usually these attributions have been made by signal triangulation and measurements of signal strength and directions.

They always use different methods to protect the privacy of spy numbers. Not all Russians broadcast in their own language, but sometimes they use English or Spanish. And Polish stations send in English and Russian without sending them in their own language. No one can easily retrieve the source of coded messages with this method.

In addition, the military has been using these coded messages for their own needs. For example, the Russian market, known in Russia, was used by the Russian military. However, these messages are only for Russia’s internal use. It was not used for spying in any other country. It was used to send instructions to Russian military units. The Russian military sends these messages during the day so that the ionosphere is not broadcast to Western Europe and the United States.

These stations are easy to listen to and do not require your autumn radio. The software of most radios is currently defined and available on the Internet. You can easily hear these messages from afar. These receivers are powered by software so anyone in the world can operate them from anywhere.


Lewis Bush’s book, Shadows of the State, warns that if he does not keep an eye on his own country as well as foreign intelligence agencies, his country’s security will be threatened. Even the military forces of other countries may risk their own fictional novel about numbers stations government system. Author Andrei Soldatov claims that the country’s security agencies are having a profound effect on government and state policy. So our main responsibility is to ensure the security of the state with our own intelligence by knowing as much as possible about military policy and learning from history.

Number stations are not mysterious or haunted. Somebody finds it fictional novel about number station which is totaly wrong. Rather, it is the daily work of intelligence agencies and the military. They send and receive the encrypted messages of this number station in the interest of the country. And they are constantly doing their job very skillfully in the public interest.


What is the number station used for?

The number station is basically an encrypted message in a symbolic format sent by foreign intelligence agencies to the military. In short, spies sent to spies abroad carry encrypted messages in the form of groups of numbers or letters using their automated voice, Morse code or a digital mode. It only uses them to send their own important and confidential messages.

What is number station live?

Number station is a shortwave radio station that sends messages through a number of a certain format. It is broadcast only for the purpose of foreign intelligence officers. This number station was first used during World War I. It generates encrypted messages by Morse code.

Is there still a number station?

According to experts, the number stations still exist. Although these are few in number, many countries still use number stations. Despite all the evidence, no government or intelligence agency has ever officially acknowledged or denied this.

Are they creepy number stations?

Many believe the number station is scary or mysterious. Many journalists and filmmakers make movies by adding some mystery to this. An attempt has been made to give a creepy look by making video games with this. Again there is a small community fictional novel about numbers stations War espionage era. They are mysterious “number stations”. Faced with these shortwave radio messages, many radio hams came to the conclusion that they were being used to transmit coded messages over extremely long distances.


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