Finale of Daredevil’s third season misses the mark entirely

Daredevil Season 3 Cast

The third season of Daredevil ended over Matt Murdock, a cool bro who super laid back regarding the whole lot. What made Matt so well-adjusted and calm? I have completely no idea how this characterization progressed?

Throughout the season, in fact, the whole episode didn’t clarify Matt turning to be a relaxed, chipper guy at finale end.

Indeed read the Foggy writing on a Napkin “Nelson, Murdock & Page” is something one should cry upon. The ending of the season seems as viewers are watching a completely different TV season.

Since the ending was so much unexpected. And apart from being unexpected, it also didn’t justify the characters turning to be so different at the end.

Even though, the bad finale doesn’t spoil the entire season. But, in the case of  “A New Napkin,” it really does. Since Daredevil’s third season was enriched with rendering interesting ideas, parallels, and themes. However, a potent conclusion is definitely needed to weave them all together. As herein now it seems all the ideas are left hanging there and still needs a conclusive final end.

Although, it is definitely understandable that the finale was in trouble because of spending a couple of precious minutes of screentime over Ray Nadeem video for season recapping. To the point where information gets repeated that his wife exactly defined in the prior scene.

Nadeem’s dying declaration details would be a revelation to characters of Daredevil’s, but since the viewers are already familiar with them. Other than this, this episode was based more on “silver bullet” speech delivered by Nadeem. Also, it was supplementing with needless flashbacks. This depicted the episode has conveyed an idea in the air.

That this episode spends so much time on Nadeem’s “silver bullet” speech (including supplementing it with unnecessary flashbacks) was an early sign that this episode had no idea what it wanted to say.


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