Best Credit Card Offers on Flipkart by Axis Bank

Flipkart axis bank credit card

Flipkart axis bank credit card – launched in July 2019, this credit card is a boon for Indian shopaholics. Axis bank, a trustworthy bank that has been working in India since 1994, has collaborated with the 2007-established Indian e-commerce and online shopping company Flipkart, and they have together launched the Flipkart axis bank credit card in 2019.

Axis Bank is the third-largest bank in India that has been providing banking services to Indians for many years.

They are always trying to provide their customers with up-to-date services and banking benefits, and a variety of credit cards, debit cards, that will help them to have smooth transactions, and various benefits in shopping.

They are working effortlessly since their establishment in 1994, and have kept their standards high, in terms of providing quality services to their customers. And now they have started a joint venture with the Mastercard and Flipkart, to launch this.

Indians are crazy about shopping, be it the market-shopping or online shopping. The introduction of online shopping brought a revolution in the Indian market, and as more and more people got connected to the world through online shopping, the business firms started working on ideas to increase and promote their online shopping business.

With the rising competition and rising profits from online shopping platforms, many Indian firms entered this market over the years, but no one could match the popularity of Flipkart.

Launched in the year 2007 in Bengaluru, Flipkart is still the most popular online shopping site originated in India. And now they have extended their partnership with Axis Bank to co-brand this, that is going to provide numerous benefits and cashback to the customers, for their online shopping.

Online shopping is going to be a beneficial experience for all the shopaholic Indians, with the launch of an online shopping credit card that will provide an all-inclusive offer.

Why is Flipkart axis bank credit card one of the best shopping credit cards in India?

Well, the answer to this question will be a list of features, offers, and cashback that this card provides to its customers. When compared with other shopping credit cards used by Indians, it can be said that the number of offers provided by Flipkart axis bank credit card is definitely above all others.

It provides extra cashback on preferred merchants like Flipkart and Myntra. Plus, it has been made available to its customers with a nominal annual charge that can be afforded by anyone. So, it’s like a one-time investment that will yield your profits after profits.

Flipkart axis bank credit card: How to get it?

To apply for the Flipkart axis bank credit card, you can visit the nearest branch of Axis Bank in your city. Otherwise, you can also opt for the online application process, which is done through the official website of the Axis bank.

If you want to know in detail about the Flipkart axis bank credit card, and want to apply for it, visit the official website of Axis Bank:

The joining fee for the card is Rs. 500/-, and the annual fee to purchase a Flipkart axis bank credit card is Rs. 500/-. There are some eligibility criteria for purchasing a Flipkart axis bank credit card, which has been mentioned in detail on the website.

Some important clauses include:

  • The minimum age requirement is 18 years, and the maximum age limit is 70 years.
  • You have to be either an Indian by residence or an NRI
  • The ultimate right to issue this is reserved with the bank

If you fit in the eligibility criteria prescribed by the authorities, then you will be asked to submit many documents for verification.

As credit card forms an important mode of financial transaction, and as it is linked with the bank details of the customer, the process of document verification holds an important place.

Those who wish to get approved for the use of a Flipkart axis bank credit card will have to present the proper documents, otherwise, their request may not be accepted.

The documents required to get these are of three major categories: it includes the identity proof, the address proof, and the income proof of the customer.

The documents required are:

  • Pan Card of the individual or Form 60.
  • Resident Proof of the individual.
  • Identity Proof of the individual.
  • Income Proof in the form of Salary Slip.
  • Form 16 and IT Returns copies are also acceptable.
  • A Coloured Photograph of the person.

Once you pass the edibility test (don’t worry, it is not as complicated as it sounds) and produce the required documents, you will be able to get your one. It takes less than 21 days to know the final decision, about whether you have been approved to get the credit card or not. But your online shopping life is set, once you get this.

Flipkart axis bank credit card: The Best credit card offers

You are welcomed to the world of this, with some of the coolest welcoming offers and benefits.  These include:

  • For opening and activating this, many online sites provide welcoming benefits worth Rs. 3000/-.
  • These include Rs. 500/- worth Flipkart vouchers when you make the first transaction with Flipkart axis bank credit card.
  • An unlimited access to Gaana Plus membership for 6 months, and 50% off for the next 6 months, after activation of the Flipkart axis bank credit card.
  • Rs. 500/- off Goibibo hotel booking of minimum Rs. 2000/-.
  • Rs. 500/- off on minimum Rs. 2000/- booking on Makemytrip.
  • Also, 15% off and 20% on first transactions on Myntra and UrbanClap respectively.

Such a grand welcome the Flipkart axis bank credit card offers! The number of welcoming offers and benefits are a major centre of attraction for those who are already enjoying them, and also for those who wish to opt for it.

The main aim of the this is to provide the customers with unlimited cashback benefits, without any restrictions or limitations, which we allow them to enjoy the best online shopping experience of their life.

Flipkart axis bank credit card: The Discount offers

And apart from these offers, the customers receive a wide range of offers and unlimited cashback for every transaction they make through this.

Some of the best offers on this credit card have been given in the form of a value chart, on the official website. We are summarizing these offers here:

  • Cashback worth Rs. 1800/- on Flipkart, on the annual spending of Rs. 36000/-.
  • For spending Rs. 12000 on Myntra, 2GUD, customers will be eligible to receive a cashback of Rs. 600/-
  • Rs. 2640/- cashback on preferred merchant spends of Rs. 66000/-
  • A 900/- Rs. Cashback on another spending worth Rs. 60000/-

To sum up, the customers will be able to receive a cashback worth Rs. 6000/- every year, through the shopping with Flipkart axis bank credit card.

It is a very beneficial deal if you are a regular online shopping customer, and Flipkart is one of your top picks. Apart from this cashback, the customers also receive many discounts on various other transactions. The number of discount offers is as follows:

  • The activation of this provides a welcoming discount of Rs. 3291/-.
  • A discount of 120/- Rs. On spending Rs. 12000/- on fuel.
  • For spending Rs. 24000/- on dining via this, the customers will be able to receive an amazing discount of Rs. 4800/- along with a 360/- Rs. Cashback.
  • A discount worth Rs. 4000/- on lounge visits.
  • An annual fuel waiver of Rs. 500/-

Flipkart axis bank credit card: A boon of benefits

The total amount of cash discounts acquired through the Flipkart axis bank credit card is more than Rs. 12000/-. Also, the customers will be receiving a guaranteed cash back every month, through the credit card.

Thus, you can easily understand that is one of the best online shopping credit cards in India, that will provide you with a variety of benefits once you successfully start using it.

This cardholders will also get 4 complimentary lounge visits across airports in India. The airport’s lounges included in the list are:

  • Plaza Premium Lounge, Delhi.
  • TFS Lounge, Bangalore.
  • MALS Lounge, Mumbai.
  • TFS Lounge Mumbai.
  • Bird Lounge, Pune.
  • TFS Lounge Chennai.
  • Plaza Premium Lounge, Hyderabad.
  • TFS Lounge, Kolkata.

Also, the credit will be offering many extra savings on the EMI spends done on the Flipkart platform. They will be able to get some exciting EMI offers on online transactions, with the minimum limit for the transaction being Rs. 2500/-. All these cashback earned through the Flipkart axis bank credit card will be credited regularly in the credit card statement, so customers don’t need to worry about the mismanagement of all the money that they will earn and spend.

Also, there are much cashback offers that will be exclusively applicable to online shopping through Flipkart, so Flipkart is going to be the first preference of online customers if they want to gain more and more benefits from this.

Flipkart axis bank credit card vs. others

Even after discussing so much about the huge number of benefits that one can earn through his transactions via Flipkart axis bank credit card, some people wonder why they should choose this over any other credit card? And their concern, their question is right too, because, in this technology-driven world, where we can do anything through online services, there are a large number of service providers in this field too.

That is, many other banks provide their credit cards to their customers, so there is a tough competition in this field as well. However, This card stands on the top position in this term too, because when compared with other major credit cards like the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card, HSBC cashback credit card, Citi cashback it, or many others, it is observed that  charges very less to its customers, and provides comparatively more benefits, cash back, and discounts in return.

It is mainly because that has kept very fewer restrictions and limitations on the nature and type of the transaction eligible for the offers, and apart from the major offers, it provides cashback on all other spends as well, with the cashback percentage varying according to the nature of the spending. Thus, this credit card is an answer to all your questions and worries.

Final words

To conclude, it can be said that the launch of Flipkart axis bank credit card has brought a revolutionary change in the field of online banking, online shopping, and online credit card shopping. It has attempted to bring together a number of online shopping sites, online hotel booking sites, and other booking sites, by joining them through a common credit card transaction, and a variety of offers.

In recent times, some people are afraid that the increasing influence of the large multinational companies (the MNCs) can hamper the growth of Indian companies. But Indian companies like Flipkart and Indian banks like Axis Bank have proved this fear wrong, by successfully launching and handling this venture.

So, even the other Indian firms should take inspiration from their experience, experiment, and have the attitude of “If they can do it, we can do it.” And if everyone keeps moving ahead with such a positive attitude, then no one can stop us from becoming a leading world figure.



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