Fortnitemares 2018: The game adding some Spooky Things by Wednesday

Fortnitemares halloween

The Publisher of Epic games has updated the theme of Fortnimares 2018. The new theme is Halloween based event wherein players stagger around several creepy hindrances. So be happy fortnite mobile and other players.

In fact, the players of Cube monsters have to fend off coupled with striving to remain alive in the course of famous Battle Royal mode of the game. At this point, a competition between 100 players takes place following the style of last-man-standing.

However, access to added weapons like a field hunter crossbow and a six-shooter would be provided. A Deadfire outfit is also added as a part of the update. A Van Helsing-inspired ensemble depicting a hat of cowboy coupled with a trenchcoat.

Some extra challenges are also added in Fortnitemares; upon completing experience points are provided to players. Also, throughout the event players also get extra experiences by damaging cube monsters or handling damage to them with particular weapons.

As per Epic, for time being the event has been disabled on Battle Royale since they are assessing the issues with matchmaking of players.

Another exciting update as a key feature of Fortnitemares is added. In this the redeploying capability to your glider at the time of a match. Usually, on players first descending to the island. The glider shows its availability. When the payer gets himself in mid-air or is at least 10 meters up from the ground. Then they become eligible to use again use their glider.

Prior to this month, the Skull Trooper skin brought back. Furthermore, costumes of distinct skeleton style are also available in the game to wear.