Get An Exclusive First Look At The New Big Brother House!

Just In: First Look At Big Brother House For Season 21 Called ‘Camp BB’!

BIG BROTHER: Celebrity Edition
Julie Chen

It’s formally massive Brother time, and that we can’t wait any longer. Coming summer bringing the oldest reality TV program is here. Here I will show you an exclusive 1st cross-check the sets of massive Brother. You can get a chance to ascertain the rooms within the New House of Big Brother. The theme for this years’ Big Brother is Camp BB. So means tents, logwood, and marshmallows area unit sure the season.

Season twenty-one of massive Brother goes to be hosted by Julie bird genus Moonves, she herself showed you a video within which you can detect a peculiar feature. The rooms of Big Brother is a novel story and has a unique plot.

There is this one specific space that caught our attention. It gives the impression of houseguests are sleeping outside of a vintage travel trailer. Before you think that that’s all, there was a conveyable habitation stove, for s’mores and marshmallows, maybe.

The house itself is absorbing a land site theme, with the contestants living during an up to date A-frame titled cabin lodge. Explore the video to urge your 1st goose at it. You’ll additionally get to fulfill Bucky the Buck and acquire a glimpse at a possible twist within the game. What are these mysterious advantage badges of that Julie speaks, and will they play a task this season? Oh, the intrigue! sit up for yourself so 25th June to know what happens once the sixteen houseguests move in.


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