Gigi Hadid Sexiest Pictures Gone Viral on Instagram

gigi hadid

Gigi Hadid is indeed a talented fashion model who likes to express her beauty and style time to time on her social account. She has 47.9 million followers on Instagram  and every day she got more and more followers. Today, I would like to talk about her  hottest pictures and selfies which have gone viral on the web.

Gold-Fish –Fearless Mode

When she portrayed a gold-fish in black swim-suit,  no one seems more fearless than her. Check this here. Her black dress has fish-fin design over it and therefore you can’t make a difference between real fish and our sexy gold-fish.

Gold Beauty Uncovered

Gigi Hadid doesn’t mind wearing heavy makeup. Her look changed completely when she wore natural gold makeup eye-shadow with nude lipstick. Her face glowed just like her gold shinny outfit. Do you know what makes her gold-look complete? Of course it is a snake-face bracelet in her wrist.

Star Wars Fandom

Star Wars fans were gone crazy when Gigi put on Starwar tee and the most amazing part of her look was her dark pink low-light ponytails. Every fan of Star War would love to copycat this look.

Rainbow Eyes

Do you have a plan to play with colors? You should get inspiration from Gigi Hadid rainbow eye-shadow makeup which is right from Maybelline eye-shadow kit. It would be fun to do rainbow nail art alongside colorful rainbow look on the eyes, just to have a perfect theme. What do you think?

Cat eyes

Another makeup look which you can follow this summer right from Gigi Hadid hot picture collection is this one. All you have to do is to wear black knitted bra with silky black formal pants. Make sure you focus on smokey eye makeup more than your dress, otherwise this look will be incomplete. The fluffy black cap is another must for setting Gigi Hadid’s perfect black theme.

Summer Look

In the summer, if you have a plan to go out then you shouldn’t forget to follow this style of Gigi Hadid where she wore yellow dress with off-white cap. She kept her eyes hidden with the cap which have leafy- thread patterns apparent all over. And of course, you don’t have to forget applying SPF just to protect your skin from sun-rays.

A Throwback

Gigi Hadid posted an instagram photo by wearing a bath towel. She was taking a selfie which covered showed her name initials. The mobile holder looks very interesting as it showed pouted red lips.

Beach Fun

Beach party is incomplete without a good swimsuit, you should take inspiration from Gigi Hadid who wore an amazing style with colorful shades. Her look got completed with beaded black bracelet and a simple stone pendant chain.

Gigi Bare it all

This Allure magazine cover was simply hot for the fans of Gigi Hadid. She added smoke into her look with electric blue eye-shadow and pink lace off-shoulder dress.

What do you think about these sexiest pictures of Gigi Hadid? I loved them all.




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