Gigi Hadid Took Tyler Cameron To Meet Her Mom Yolanda At Family Farm Last Week


Last Day, Gigi invited her Bestie Serena Williams to meet with Tyler. And we just got the news that she already took Tyler to her family home on 12 August, where he met Gigi’s mom Yolanda Hadid. Things are getting serious between them, and we might get their engagement news soon.

Tyler and Gigi Love line starts emerging when he left  The Bachelorette. He got the full attention of Gigi who followed him on Instagram, and things start heating up since that time. They are moving a bit fast with their dating and family meet up plans. In two weeks, we get tons of news about TyGi to hang out with friends, late-night homestay, and a mini-vacation. Although, they kept some company around just to show that everything is super casual. But, it turned out to be very serious and formal after all.

On 12 August, the 24-year-old model took a 26-year-old star to her Household’s farm in rural Pennsylvania. The couple met with Gigi’s mother Yolanda and her 8-month-old boyfriend Joseph Jingoli.

If you like to hear what family think about Tyler then the simple answer is that totally “love Tyler!”.

According to an insider source, Gigi told her mom and Joe ahead of bringing Tyler to the house. She said that she wanted to teach him how to ride horses because it’s something she really loves doing. So, they rode horses and enjoyed the outdoors together.

Source also revealed that they both have a lot of personal time on her farm. There is a private house for each of the Hadid kids on the property. Seems very romantic! Isn’t it?

Tyler met with close friends of Gigi and also with her mother. Now we will have to see when Tyler met with Bella, and we get some official announcement of their romantic relationship.


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