Gigi Hadid Turned into “A Boy” and “a Gentleman” for Burberry new Monogram Campaign

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Gigi Hadid is one of the best models who have diverse modeling portfolio. She is considered as the best model of her generation because she has courage to work on any project. Recently, she worked for Burberry’s new Monogram Campaign and portray four characters in her own outstanding ways.

This campaign brought Tisci’s re-imagined logo whose designer is Peter Seville. It is the first time that Burberry logo got modification in 20 years. A TB print is paying homepage to founder Thomas Burberry through this campaign.

This TB Monogram collection unveils four illusory characters whose ideas and concept come from Tisci. These four characters are “A Boy, A Gentleman , a Lady and a Girl”. Gigi Hadid is 24 years old model and she portrayed all four characters in her own unique style. The demonstration of these characters is really good and clear.

This campaign means a lot for model, she told Vogue,

“I really worked on and perfected who each character was and how they would act. I really appreciated the opportunity to show different sides of myself through each character, and being able to show this team that I could convey what they wanted meant a lot to me”.

These four characters demonstrate four different kinds of Burberry customers. As we all know Burberry collection is meant for every age, so they showed it off through this campaign. Gigi wore a nylon car coat and pumps to portray the role of a lady while she wore a hoodie and baseball cap to demonstrate a boy customer.

Tisci brought new logo of Burberry into light in August 2018 through his Instagram account. But it is the first time, we got a chance to see this modified logo collection.

It is the first time that Gigi Walked for Burberry in February 2019 so there are rumors that she will continue working with the brand and we will see how she become a top model that showcase collection by Tisci.



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