Gotham season 6 trailer, Release Date And Synopsis

Gotham Season 6 the best dramatic series for the life and times of Batman. Don't miss the series.

Gotham season 6

Excellent series with consistent episodes every season. “Gotham Season 6” is probably the best live-action representation of Batman to date. The cast is extremely talented. And the writing is top notch, and it knows what elements it can keep from the comics and which it can scrap. It also has some really creative ideas.

Place Gotham side by side with every other recent TV incarnation of the DC Universe. And one finds at once a common thread and something that sets this show apart from all the rest.

Like its counterparts, Gotham takes a lot of creative liberties (perhaps too many at times?) with its adaptation of these iconic, timeless comic book characters. Well, the release date will be announced soon by the director.

But unlike its counterparts, Gotham is nothing short of art raw, unparalleled, untamed art.

After 5 seasons of action, love, loss, rage and beautiful darkness, you will almost find more action and thrill in Gotham Season 6. It is a season which is already proving itself, after just a few seasons, to indeed be the epic conclusion that fans were promised.

Out of the best superheroes and supervillains TV series there offered by DC comics. You will pretty much be attracted towards the beauty and cuteness of characters.

These characters are so charming and innocent and clever too. Also impressed by acting skills of Youg Bruce Wayne and James Gordon and Harvey Bullock.

The villains and superstars are outstanding and good. However, the origin story will be great and excellent. Poor Batman has so many adversaries.

You can hope more from this series in season 6.


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