Gunman Disguised as FedEx Driver Kills Son of Federal Judge Esther Salas

Gunman disguised as FedEx driver kills Son of Federal Judge Esther Salas

A son of a federal judge was killed by a gunshot and her husband was injured. The incident took place over the weekend in their house. FBI is currently investigating on details related to the shoot that happened at Judge Esther Salas’s home. The location is in the North Brunswick Township of New Jersey. The shootout happened on Sunday, July 19. Authorities are currently gathering information to look for the gunman. They think that it was the task of one man.

As reported to Associated Press, Esther’s son Daniel was killed during an altercation and husband Mark Anderl was left wounded. Mark is currently recovering from surgery. As per reports, Salas was downstairs in the basement when the gunman came to their door.

According to CNN, the suspect wore a FedEx driver’s uniform when he attacked the house. However, Investigators are unsure if that man was at all a delivery worker or someone in disguise. A spokesman from FedEx said that they are cooperating with the investigation and are aware of media reports. They are also trying to help in whatever way possible to catch the criminal.

Condolences sent to Esther Salas and family

Phil Murphy, the New Jersey Governor tweeted sending prayers and thoughts for Judge Salas and family.

CNN reported that the motive of the attack is still unknown. The authorities report having no threats made against the judge or family. Esther Salas was nominated to US District Court for NJ in 2010 when Obama was the President. She has worked on several cases including Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Mac Womack, the Mayor of North Brunswick responded to the shoot by posting on Twitter:

US Sen. Robert Menendez of NJ took to Twitter with hopes that the suspect gets caught and that family gets justice:

Marion Costanza, the neighbor of Esther Salas reported that there was a confrontation at around 5 pm. The neighbor spoke highly of the family and that Salas had mentioned being worried about her life due to her job.

Marion said that Esther Salas has high-profile cases to handle and that is why she is always concerned. She also said that the family is good-natured and wouldn’t do anything bad to anyone.


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