Hailey Baldwin Debuts New tattoos before her Wedding to Justin Bieber

hailey wife of justin bieber

It looks like that Hailey added some new ink in her wedding plans. Therefore, she went out to have some fresh ink. She shared some new finger tattoos on Instagram. But paparazzi noticed one large design on her neck, about which she said nothing. What is it for?
The 22-year-old model recently got a lime-green manicure from the Modern Pamper Nail Salon, which is the favorite salon of Kardashian. Lime green or Pistacho-green manicure is becoming fall 2019 trend. Before her, Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian revealed the same shade.
After getting this manicure, she showed off eight different designs of hand tattoos. The collection comprises of a moon, a sun, decorative dots, and lines on her three middle fingers. She already has a chevron pattern tattoo on her finger. A combo of track and this pattern looks fantastic tattoo idea if you need one for your next ink plan.

If you notice her Dr.Woo Tattoo “B”, then it is not new but old one. The “B” on her hand below the third knuckle refers to both Baldwin and Bieber.
Although star took her hand tattoos to Instagram, yet she doesn’t reveal her neck cursive design tattoo. Fans and media want to know what that secret tattoo is.
Twitter fans of Baldwin says it could be “Loyal” or “Laugh” because the first letter of that tattoo is “L”.
She has some other tattoos, one is demonstrating her parent’s wedding date, while others include “Baldwin” on insider her middle finger and bible verses.
Last year, we came to know that Justin Beiber had a famous “Bang Bang” aka Keith McCurdy Tattoo. He got this tattoo because Hailey had the same somewhere on her body.
Both Hailey and Justin are quite excited and happy about their upcoming wedding in September. They picked the venue of their marriage. And now they have plenty of time to get ready before they walk down the aisle. Having some new ink was a part of Baldwin’s wedding to-do list, and she checked it last day.


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