Hellboy: David Harbor Confirms That the Season Is Not Scheduled!

Hellboy: David Harbor Confirms That the Sequel Is Not Scheduled.


Hellboy’s revive star, David Harbor, confirmed that supported the knowledge in his possession, Lionsgate has no intention of realizing a sequel terribly before long. The film, directed by Neil Marshall and custom-made from microphone Mignola’s comics, clothed to be a convincing box workplace flop.

“I don’t assume there’s abundant hope,” explained David Harbor. “There are plenty of individuals who have contributed and very liked me during this remake. And it absolutely was nice to check them on screen. However, I do know that generally culture it wasn’t welcome terribly well”.

Many critics have discerned that the film doesn’t compare to the standard of the 2 chapters directed by Guillermo del Toro. And what’s a lot of, Lions gate raised solely $ forty-six million worldwide, with a production budget of fifty million.

“I don’t assume he created plenty of cash, and that I don’t assume his perception was a hit. The producers solely told ME ‘Great job’, I actually liked what I did. However, I didn’t hear something concerning the sequel “

Last month David Harbor attributed the explanation for this unbelievable failure to the comparison with the Marvel films.

Mike Mignola had to deny the rumors on a TV version of Hellboy for Netflix, indiscretion free within the last hours.


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