How Countertop Display Packaging can Boost your Sales this Easter?

Display Packaging

With 80 percent of U.S. adults are planning to spend an average of $151 on everything this Easter, retailers are all set to revel in the euphoria of forthcoming holidays. So how on earth merchants can use the display packaging to lure these adults?

Though you may want something simple that can display your product in its full glory, you also want your custom packaging solution to protect your product against accidental damages.

Having a well-thought-out packaging doesn’t just safeguard your product but also creates a memorable experience for customers.

After all, who can forget the joy of opening a special gift?

So, if you don’t have an attractive and effective packaging that is at par with your expectations, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to become a part of the memories people always carry with them.  

This Easter, use a custom display packaging solution that will sway the buyers when they are standing in the checkout line. Still, need more convincing?

Here are four ways countertop display packaging can help boost your sales this Easter.   

Premium Products & Countertop Display

When it comes to countertop display packing, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) rule the retail environment. Sure, supermarkets are extremely competitive with their displays and there is no respite from cost pressure too. But, opting for a high-quality and exquisitely designed display packaging can help product marketers outsmart their competition.    

There is huge potential for premium product manufacturers to drive sales when gearing up toward the Easter or Christmas period. Marketers for high-value items may want to consider the countertop display packaging in order to benefit from the increased spend by shoppers.

Customers’ Expectation Bar is Rising

Thanks to social media, customers’ expectation bar is rising for both the product and display packaging. Display packing has played a vital role in grabbing the attention of potential buyers. Because with a shorter attention span it’s never easy to turn a browser into a buyer.

Contemporary display packaging is catching the public eye, and as more buyers are discovering the world of online shopping countertop displays continues to have a grave effect on sales as they fill the need for instant gratification. Something online shopping still doesn’t deliver.

Eco-Conscious Consumer Behavior   

With each passing day, consumers are becoming more eco-conscious as the momentum is swinging in the favor of plastic backlash. Bearing this in mind, manufacturers are inclining towards high-quality biodegradable cardboard packaging. Its environmental friendly characteristic and aesthetic appeal can lure conscious consumers. At the same time, it serves as the perfect material for producing durable countertop display packaging.  

Sustainable packaging is swiftly gaining popularity, and it is very much likely to see continued growth because reducing plastic is a high priority for authorities across the globe. This will have a profound impact on many industries over the course of next year. Choose your packaging materials wisely.  

Growing Demand for Premium Packaging

A survey conducted by Dotcom Distribution revealed that 18-25-year-olds are 74% more likely to share an image of the packaging on social media. This reflects people are attracted to premium packaging and it greatly influences the buying experience.

Your leading manufacturing technique might be creating an extraordinary product, but if its display packaging does not offer a premium feel, you may end up losing a huge chunk of sales. We all have heard the phrase: never judge a book by its cover, but a lot of us do exactly just that when we are out shopping.    

Thus, one cannot overlook the quality of material and printing even if they are considering display countertops to showcase their products.


In the light of the aforementioned pointers, it’s absolutely clear that display packaging has tremendous potential to boost your sales. And it can only be achieved if you are able to find a trustworthy packaging supplier in the US like The Legacy Printing. The company has extensive experience in producing high-quality countertop display packaging at the most affordable prices.

Above all, they have the expertise to bring your vision to life. This means they’ll manage the whole process right from the briefing stage through to design and delivery. That too under one roof, which cuts the lengthy process and enables them to offer you the fastest turnaround time. You can even acquire their assistance to design your packaging.   

The best part is they are offering an exclusive Easter Discount, which gives you the opportunity to save some serious cash.

All in all, the end goal for you is to manufacture the best possible counter displays for the product that can drive your revenue.


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