How Multilingual Customer Support Services Benefits Businesses


Most business owners want to explore the global stage and find success beyond their borders. One way they can achieve this is by investing in multilingual customer support services such as multilingual email support services. These services allow their businesses to communicate with a diverse customer base.

Nearly 70% of contact center leaders expect a volume increase of non-English native speakers over the next five years. When it comes to purchasing decisions, a CSA Research Study shows that over 70% of online shoppers prefer buying products if the information provided is in their native language. On the other hand,  there are 40% who won’t buy if the page is in another language. 

These statistics share how language can affect business success. It is no longer only a communication tool but a strategic asset that can spur growth.

But first, what is multilingual customer support?

What Is Multilingual Customer Support?

Multilingual customer support is used by businesses to scale their firms internationally. It refers to client support using multiple languages based on customer preferences.  Moreover, it helps to provide consistent and high-quality customer service while extending geographical reach and demographics.

7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Multilingual Customer Support Services

1. Improved And Quality Customer Communication

Multilingual customer support enables better communication between customers. Along with fewer instances of miscommunication, customers are less likely to switch to other companies.

Say you’re having difficulty handling your emails due to the diversity of your customers. You can outsource email support services with multilingual capabilities to handle it for you. 

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

Experience and satisfaction are essential in customer support. Customers appreciate it when they are understood and valued. In fact, 70% of buying experiences are based on customers’ feelings, while almost 90% of consumers stop making transactions with a business because of poor customer service. 

But with multilingual customer support services, you can boost their satisfaction levels by communicating with them using their native language. Once they are satisfied, it has a higher chance of repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

For example, a French customer purchased a set of acrylic paints. Instead of a regular thank you email, outsourced email support services can do better by giving it a more personal touch in French. Additionally, they can also recommend related products that the customer might be interested on buying based on their past transactions.

3. Increased Efficiency And Productivity

Fully understanding the customers can help solve their problems faster. As a result, you can offer shorter resolutions, have a more productive team, and reduce costs. 

For instance, if a client sends an email inquiring about a product. There’s no need to run the message through an online translator. Outsourcing email support services with multilingual capabilities make the process more efficient and faster, leading to better productivity.

4. Boost Customer Loyalty

According to SmallBizGenius, more than 55% of customers stay loyal to brands that can understand them. In another research, 71% of users reported increased loyalty to companies offering native language customer support.

These data clearly illustrate that when you invest in multilingual customer support, you can foster loyalty and trust among your customers.

5. Strengthened Brand Reputation

If more customers trust you and are loyal to your brand, you can strengthen your brand reputation. Loyal customers give positive feedback, especially if you offer multilingual customer support.  In a  recent study,  70% of customers leave positive reviews for businesses offering multilingual customer support. 

Considering that a lot of customers read reviews before purchasing, this is significant. This is demonstrated in a study that shows 93% of shoppers read reviews before buying a new product.

Using customers’ native language shows that you are a customer-centric business. In addition, you enhance your brand reputation by showing importance to inclusivity, which can attract more potential customers, leading to fueled growth.

6. Obtain A Competitive Edge

Wanting to stand out from the crowd is one of the goals for most business owners. To do this, you must need every advantage you can get. Showing the value of inclusivity and diversity allows you to take a step ahead. With multilingual customer support, you can set yourself apart from your rivals and let potential customers see you as a good fit for better transactions.

Even something as niche as multilingual email support services outsourcing can give you an inch above other companies.

7. Increased Sales Opportunities

By using multilingual customer support, you can reach a broader audience and serve more clients, attracting new business. With this, you can open a new market and wide range of clientele. Thus, acquiring more sales opportunities and expanding impact and reach.

Maximize Business Potential With Multilingual Customer Support Services

Multilingual customer support can significantly transform your business by unlocking its full potential. It allows you to communicate with your customers personally, deepening your relationship with them. Therefore, it is a strategic investment that can boost your brand awareness exponentially and assist your bottom line to improve continuously.


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