How To Check Bsnl Balance

how to check bsnl balance

Introduction on How to Check BSNL Balance

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited or Check Bsnl Balance is an Indian government-owned telecommunication company. Their headquarter is located in New Delhi, Delhi, India. BSNL provides mobile voice and internet service across India. According to some news portals, BSNL has become India’s largest mobile telecommunication and internet access service. 

They have over 50% market share. So that they become the 4rth largest wireless telecommunications operator worldwide. The name “Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited means” is in Hindi. If we translate it English, then it will be Indian Communications Corporation Limited. However, in this article, we will talk about how to check BSNL balance.

How to Check BSNL Balance

At times, you are wondering if your BSNL sim card has sufficient balance or not. But you don’t know how to check BSNL balance, then don’t worry. We have covered your back. Regularly, most of the mobile network providers have some USSD codes for knowing different information. However, these USSD codes can also be helpful for availing different services from the mobile network provider. But these USSD codes differ from operators to operators. 

However, for availing of some services or get the required information, you need to do something. First of all, you just need to know the USSD codes of your particular mobile operator. Don’t worry. In addition, we will provide you a simple way to how to check the balance on your BSNL SIM.

How to know BSNL balance?

There are so many different methods to know how to check balance on your BSNL sim. The easiest way to check the balances is to use the mobile operator’s USSD code. Likewise, you can check BSNL 4G sim internet data balance, minute, and SMS balance on your mobile phone by dialing a simple USSD code. Also, you can check the balances by sending a simple SMS to perform a BSNL balance check of prepaid mobile. 

There is a talk that shortly, the mobile Operators may release some USSD codes for broadband services. Also, they will announce how to check BSNL balance in the subscribed internet plan. Hence, BSNL also has a host of mobile services and the latest 4G data plans available on their platform. Similarly, compared to Airtel and Reliance JIO, BSNL has many benefits to its customers that are not familiar to every customer. But here, we will provide you the full info on BSNL balance checking for all prepaid mobile services in different ways.

According to some trusted reports, the huge growth in BSNL USSD codes’ usage is connected to the dedicated subscriptions, and deactivations are growing. Every user is using e-wallets such as PhonePe, Paytm for half of the activities. Before using the e-wallets, the peoples have to require knowing their subscription details. However, let’s check out how to check BSNL balance.

How To Check BSNL Balance (Internet Data)?

There are two different ways to check the BSNL internet data balance. One is the USSD code method, and another one is the SMS method. But the most straightforward and most manageable process is to use the USSD code given by the network provider. Now we will provide you some USSD codes which you can check the internet data balance. 

USSD Code Method

Nowadays, the USSD code has become an excellent feature for the mobile user that allows you to access new facilities effortlessly and the USSD codes save a lot of time and reduce the effort required to write in the SMS and wait to receive the balance SMS.

But in the USSD code method, all you just need to open the dial pad on your mobile phone and dial the BSNL prepaid mobile USSD code number. It depends on the code to check the balance 4G data or free minutes or SMS that you want to check.

But what are USSD codes? It is a global system for the mobile communication system—a digital technology named Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. USSD codes are used to obtain the details of the mobile network’s mobile and program.

However, we have provided you some of the popular BSNL balance check USSD codes to know various balances available on your account. These codes will help you to get the correct info on your active subscriptions or plans. Also, friends and family numbers, balance transfer, and many more whatever you required. 

Now follow these easy steps to know your BSNL data balance.

  • For checking BSNL Net Balance (GPRS Balance USSD): *124# 
  • Data 3G BSNL Net Balance Check: *112# 
  • Data 2G BSNL Net Balance Check: *123*6# or *123*10# 
  • BSNL Night GPRS Balance Check USSD codes: *123*8#

There are also have some USSD codes that can be useful to purchase an internet plan. 

  • BSNL Net Balance Enquiry: *234#
  • BSNL GPRS Data Plan *123*10# or *123*1# or *123*6# 

SMS Method

For all kinds of subscriptions like how to check BSNL balance prepaid voice, internet balance, STV help, scratch cards, BSNL call history, and many other things. The operator has some SMS codes that one can simply dial in and send the SMS.

First of all, open the mobile messaging app that you will use to send messages. Then send a message by following the below format.

  • To know all kinds of the subscribed balance of your BSNL sim, you need to type “BAL” on your mobile messaging app and send it to the number 123. You will immediately receive a message that will let you know the details about your internet data balance, the validity period, and many others related to your subscription.
  • You can also check the STV balance by SMS code. To do this method, open the messaging app and type STVENQ, and send it the same number as before 123. 

How to Check Balance in BSNL

  • If you want to check the BSNL balance in prepaid number, then one of the simple ways is to dial *123#  
  • To check the BSNL internet balance, FNF, STV, etc., on your BSNL prepaid number sim, dial *124# and follow the steps. 
  • For checking the subscribed STV balance like BSNL 4G internet balance on your mobile phone, then dial *124*2# 
  • For the details of the BSNL balance card transfer, dial code *543*99#. 
  • Dial code *124*3# to know SMS offer balance, 
  • To check the minute balance, simply dial *123*5# 
  • The USSD number to know BSNL Freebiz balance in GSM landline, dial code *124*7# 
  • To check video call balance, just dial *123*9# 
  • USSD code for knowing the ISD STV is *124*6# 
  • For checking the FRC on internet data balance, you need to dial the USSD code *123*4# 
  • For the area in Kolkata, Assam, Northeast circle, and West Bengal circle, dial *123*10#. 
  • The balance of the night package code is *123*8#.

BSNL Balance Checking and Activation USSD Codes

There are so many separated USSD codes for each service and checking the internet or minute balance in BSNL mobile. In many cases, one is not conscious about the USSD code that can simply dial in the customer service number to get the balance or the BSNL balance check code (USSD) of the singular service.

Here we have provided a large number of suitable USSD codes that Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited gives for the sake of customers to know the balance of each GSM prepaid service.

The USSD codes we provided are newly checked, and SMS codes on New Intelligent Network in BSNL are introduced with new support. These are for future growth to sustain its brand slogan “BSNL the best Telecom Service provider in India.”

USSD Codes

The latest USSD codes of the BSNL list are available here for your ready reference. Therefore we will also provide all the necessary info and BSNL dialing codes that indicate each activity. These are the standard balance check codes in AP, Kerala, Gujarat, and India. 

  • To check the BSNL Main Balance, dial code *123# or *124*1#
  • For checking the BSNL internet balance or Booster Balance like Voice, SMS, and for Internet, dial *124*2#
  • The subscribed STVs of All types balances, dial *124#3#1#
  • To know your mobile number, dial code *1# or *2# or *888#
  • You can find the BSNL SIM Card Number by dialing *999# or *100#
  • To get Prepaid Offers like BSNL internet balance offers, dial code *444#
  • For subscribing or activate rate cutters, dial *444*MRP of STV#
  • To Top Up Recharge scratch card, dial *123* card pin no# then *124#2#1# press OK/Call. Then enter 18 digit scratch card number following by
  • Top Up recharge to other’s number with a scratch card; dial *124#2#2# then enter the 10digit mobile number than 18 digits secret code
  • To know BSNL Plan vouchers, like Current Plan or Plan Extension or Migration, dial code *124#5#
  • To know your BSNL prepaid SIM card Details, dial code *102# or *124*8# or *124*5#
  • For Friends and Family, dial *124#4#
  • For FnF View, dial * 124#4#1#
  • Friends & Family Addition, dial the code *124#4#2#
  • FnF Modification is *124#4#3#
  • BSNL Balance Transfer code is *543*99#
  • For knowing Balance Credit from friends, dial the code *543*88#
  • To check the Balance Credit from BSNL is *518#
  • Prepaid FTTH bill payment code is *666#

BSNL USSD Codes for Retailer

The below-mentioned balance check codes are easily obtainable. But these codes are only for the CTop Up of authorized retailers of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited operator. For instance, all of these BSNL USSD codes and SMS keywords represent how to find and perform different retail services of BSNL. It is similar to any variety of Recharges, Bill payment, and check the balance of BSNL retailer mobile and much more as below.

  • CTOP UP Code *222*Pin No# (Default Pin : 123456)
  • Recharge/Topup *222* Pin no *1#
  • Bill Payment *222* Pin no *2#
  • Telephone Bill Enquiry *222* Pin no *3#
  • Stock Details *222* Pin no *4#
  • Pin Change *222* Pin no *5#
  • To know the Latest Offers, Send an SMS as OFFER to 53733 

BSNL Balance Check SMS Codes

Here we are presenting the total number of SMS keywords for prepaid mobile users. You can use each code to know the balance check code number or BSNL USSD code in text format. You can check for all the helpful operations with updated SMS SelfCare keywords provided by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited mobile operator. However, let’s check out the SMS keywords.

  • For FNF Registration – FFE 10 Digit Number
  • FNF Modification – FFM Old Number New Number
  • For FNF View – FNFLIST
  • Pyari Jodi Add – FFL LL Number (11 Digit)
  • Paramilitary/Jai Jawan – PMF 10Digit Number
  • Inquiry of Subscribed STV – STVENQ
  • STV Subscription – STV <STV Keyword>
  • Balance Enquiry – BAL
  • Top Up Voucher Recharge – RC 18 Digit Secret Code
  • Last Call Details – LAST
  • Last 5 Calls – LAST5
  • To list the eligible mobile plans for migration – PLANLIST

How To Check BSNL Balance Online

This is a digital age of modern civilization. So, everything has become modern. In this way, you can check the BSNL sim card information online too. Follow the below steps to check.

  • Open your browser
  • Then type
  • The welcome page will open with login having many facilities for the registered and unregistered users.
  • Then sign in with the phone number, and it will ask for OTP. 
  • After you have logged in successfully, you will see all the information about your sim. 

How to Check BSNL Balance – Conclusion

In conclusion, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is one the best mobile network operator in India. But many of the peoples were not aware of how to check BSNL balance. Because the USSD codes and SMS keywords are not very common in India. Hence, we have tried to tell you most of the ways of how to check BSNL balance. 



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