How to lose weight fast and reduce 10lbs in just one week?

lose weight fast

If you want to lose weight 10lbs (4.5 kg) in just seven days, they must read this article. There are many diet plan for losing weight, but no diet plan could be helpful to reduce 10lbs in a week — however, no need to worry and start a weight loss journey.

Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is the best ways to reduce the calorie load. For that purpose, you can use MyFitness Pal that help you to set goals (1500-1650)/day, but for a short period. It gives you intermittent fasting for reducing the weight loss.

It’s a natural process in which consumer consume fewer calories. My Fitness Pal gives a 10-hour window, that means you take your breakfast at 10 am and finish your last meal at 8 pm. According to Dr. Michael Mosley, ” This fitness program is more generous than any other IF programs.homemade pre workout supplement

Lift Weights

Lift Weights

Everyone tries the diet to lose weight, which is a crucial way. Exercise with diet plays an important role. Weight lifting is a particular key to transform body shape. Heavyweight lifting breaks down the muscle and repair itself. However, this procedure demands energy and turns your body to its fat supply and keep muscles fed.

PT Laura Hoggins writes in her book, ” lift yourself”: if you follow calorie tracker and pound the treadmill, you can burn more calories during that 30 minutes. By this training, you get a higher percentage of lean muscle mass. More muscles mass leads to a higher metabolism, and that burns more calories just in half an hour every day.

Get More Active In General

lose weight fast

Thermogenesis is a non-exercise activity where burn calories while anything that’s not eating, exercise, and sleeping. You can try it on one foot during walking to the shops, playing with your kids, using a basket down the supermarket. You can jot up 2000 steps during your all day work. Just plug your favorite podcast and reach the 10,000 step goal.

Reduce water retention

The following fourth point to reduce 10 lbs weight in a week reduces water retention. Well, that’s not a too good idea because you dehydrated on the extreme rate. Water retention occurs when your body gets excess fluid.

Therefore try to stop it by eat less salt and consume more B6 and magnesium. However, you can found in some foods such as bananas, walnuts, beans, leafy greens. Regular exercise can reduce water retention.

Reduce starch and load up on lean protein

You can lose weigh 10lbs in just seven days by reducing starch a load up lean protein. If you want your weight will lose fastly then bin the carbs for a short time, but doesn’t mean to cut out altogether.

You can use whole food in replacement such as sweet potato and a cup of whole grain rice as well as lean meat. Thousands of researches have found that protein reduces the appetite and boost up metabolism. Replace carbs with colorful vegetables.

Avoid fast food and Junk food

If you want to lose weight fastly then must do one thing is quit junk and fast food. So buy chicken, tomatoes rice rather than ready-made products. These foods are not suitable for your health, even if you have a healthy life.


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