How to Optimize Your Amazon Listings for Better Conversion Rates


Optimizing your Amazon listings for better conversion rates is critical to your business’s success on Amazon. If buyers visit your product page but click out before buying your product, that can hamper the organic ranking of your keyword and an overall rank of being the Best Sellers.

It is quite difficult to get buyers to your product page and make them place an order, but it is not impossible with the right tool like Zonbase! Your conversion rate indicates the percentage of buyers who bought your products after visiting the product listing.

In this post below, we’ll provide you with some useful tips to increase Amazon sales with better conversion rates. So, keep an eye on this article to find ways to optimize your Amazon listings for better conversion rates and sales.

Tips to Increase Amazon Sales

In case your conversion rate on Amazon is continuously declining, then it is likely that your poor product listing, ad campaign, or can be both that is going to need some effective optimization efforts. So, let’s now look at the following tips to increase Amazon sales with the right optimization of Amazon product listings:

Product Page Optimization

You should optimize your product listing page for a higher session unit ratio. On the Amazon product listing page, you need to use the proper product title, high-quality images, product description, and Unique Selling Point or USP at the top level.

For better optimization of the product page, you need to do the following

  • Focus on your keywords in the product title. Choose keywords that are popular search terms used by your potential customers.
  • You need to use high-quality images for your product listings. Via these pictures, you should highlight the product’s usability. And to make the listing even more unique, you can also use images from your buyers who have already bought the item. Thus, product authenticity will also be highlighted.
  • Try to use bullet points to mention the product features. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t exceed the details. The main goal of using the bullet points here is to get buyers’ attention to the product description details.

Using A+ Content For Your Product Listing

A+ content allows you to improve your brand with top-notch content. A+ content allows brands to display further content with photos. You can attract the buyers’ attention using A+ content from your competitors.

A+ content fetches uniqueness to the product listing page so that you can increase your conversion rate on Amazon. Nevertheless, a seller can apply the A+ content only if you have met the Amazon Brand Registry operation. So, if you haven’t yet completed the Amazon Brand Registration, do it now.

Strategize Ratings And Reviews

Ratings and reviews play a vital role in your success in increasing and your sales on Amazon. It’s because most buyers purchase the items only after reading the reviews. Generally, buyers do not buy items online with negative reviews and low ratings because reviews act as social evidence for them. Thus, try to receive more positive reviews from your buyers.

Moreover, as soon as you get a positive review from your customer, thank the customer for their positive review and address any negative issues. Therefore, you can improve your conversion rate and sales on Amazon by strategizing the ratings and reviews.

Using A/B Split Tests

A/B testing refers to the method of comparing two different affairs. You can test with your product listing content, bullet points, description, and photos. You can even use the two photos for this experiment to understand which photo performs better.

And then, use the image in your product listing page to determine which one performed better than the other one. Thus, you can boost your conversion rate and sales on Amazon. Ensure the experiment audience is from the same type as your buyers.

Run a Discount Of The Day Or Lightning Deal Campaign

Often, Amazon sellers prefer running a Lightning Deal or discount for a day, offering discounts on specific products. Partake in such deals by giving certain discounts on your items.

The product sales featured in such deals have increased each time, causing highly increased conversion rates and often sales, so you must try this method for your business for better conversion rates and sales on Amazon.

Competitive Pricing

To increase conversion rates and sales on Amazon, you should have a reasonable pricing plan relative to the profitability, product quality, and competitive offers. Pricing isn’t a set-it-&-forget-it measure you can set once and forget about modifying the amount.

For better conversion, you should continually test different strategies for pricing to check what pricing range works best for your product. However, it does not mean you have to compromise your profit. Make sure you set a price range that is lower than your competitors yet you are earning enough profit out of the product.

Add Variations

If you already own a successful listing on Amazon, you need to consider including variations to your existing item listing to improve your conversion rate and sales on Amazon. Some buyers may prefer a different size, color, design, or scent of the existing product you offer on Amazon.

The more choices you offer to your potential buyers on Amazon, the higher the overall conversion rate you will get, and end up having a better sales rate as well. Try to add variations to stay ahead of the game.


Having better conversion rates on Amazon is truly a great way to boost your sales and profits. However, lower conversion rates will just have low sales as well as wasted spending. Thus, you need to implement some of the best strategies and constantly monitor and adjust so that you can effectively boost your conversion rate and sales on Amazon.

We hope these tips to increase Amazon sales were helpful. Good luck with your Amazon business!


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