5 Easy Steps on How to Start a Blog

how to start a blog

“Blogging is not about publishing as much as you can. It is about publishing as smart as you can.” – Jon Morrow, the creator of Smart Blogger.

Big bloggers are often known to be one of the most learned people. An expert who knows what to do and how to do. Most of the people nowadays look forward to blogs to learn about a certain thing or to get information on a certain topic. We think they are extraordinary people who know how to start a blog.

However, the fact is that anyone can, in fact, start a blog if they feel that they have ample information regarding a topic. You do not need a coder or a graphic designer to do that. You can easily go to WordPress and learn how to start a blog by opening a free blog site there.

Say suppose, fashion is a thing which has always grabbed your attention. On the contrary, you do want to sell your designed clothes through online. You can start with blogging. Every expert is an influencer at some point when they step foot in digital marketing.

However, trends and marketing patterns teach them a lot. You can easily grow out as a fashion consultant online via your informative blogs and then you can easily sell your clothes online.

Here are some pro tips how to start a blog and be an influential identity online:

  1. Book a Domain

In order to open a blog site, you must register a domain name. The domain allows you to have a website of your own on the internet and allows you to do anything on it. Mainly .org and net are good domains but .com is the most popular and efficient too.

You should always try to get a domain of .com. To ensure that you get a .com domain, you will have to think of a unique name. A name which will not only appeal to the customers, but it will also not be used by any other company. This means that the chances of you getting a top level .com domain is possible.

  1. Get the Blog Designed

Design of the website, especially a blog site is really important. A lot depends on it. The main reason is user engagement. Getting traffic is not difficult if you aggressively promote your website everywhere. However, keeping the customers stick to your website is the art of website design and development.

The designing decides whether a prospect will be motivated or not to click through. It will also ensure that the message of the website is clear. The callout section should be such that it compels the prospect to look further. Therefore it is very important that you get your website designed properly.

  1. Get Blog Hosting

Blog Hosting is a thing in content marketing without which any blog site cannot survive for long.  Some blog hosting companies even offer an optimized cPanel. Try to get services from those hosting firms. They not only tell you how to start a blog but they also ensure that your blog site gets maximum response.

Blog hosting helps you to post as a separate identity so that you can have an online presence. It also helps you in lead generation. Blog hosting can be very effective in building authority on behalf of your brand.

They tend to provide the best services. If you are taking the help of blog hosting, always go for WordPress or equivalent to something like that. They provide you customized templates free website themes as well.

  1. Plan Out Topics

Say you have found out a niche and you have started building websites on it. Now when your site is ready to go live, the main thing you need to focus on primarily is content marketing. Plus, for that, you need to plan out the topics you are going to write on.

Say suppose your main niche is fashion. You have planned out that this month, you are going to cover top fashion events being held, for example, the Met Gala, and your other topic will be about celebrity designer dresses. After you have figured out the topics.

It will be easy for you to determine how many issues you can cover in the present month on the topics. Say you can write at least 20 blogs on it. This disintegration will specify your needs. This, in return, can help you to do your keyword research. Such as if you want to write about blog building then your main keyword should be how to start a blog.

  1. Optimize Content

Content also needs to be informative and communicative as well. There are certain ways you can present your blog site that will ensure you more prospects and more conversion rate. Always remember, that the blog site is your primary mode of marketing and that you need to follow the rules of on-page content writing very strictly.

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Before you start writing, make sure that your keywords are relevant to your topic. Make sure you put the focus keyword in the meta title, meta description, and in the title of the article too. The content should be formatted well, in short paragraphs and bulletins so that the information looks highlighted.

If you know how to start a blog, you need to make sure that your content is long and readable. For that, you need to write long and informative content and write in such a way that it seems like you are communicating with your prospects.


Learning how to start a blog can be a bit tricky based on the part where you need to optimize the content in order to meet the requirements of the search engine bots. These specific algorithms determine whether your article will be indexed in the top ranking or not.

If you are a novice at this, you should make sure you take some advice from an experienced content marketer. It is even better than you approach a digital marketing agency and try out their services to do the best marketing of your brand and also learn some tips as to how to start a blog.


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