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CitizenSl is an international company that specializes in helping people register for European citizenship. It has offices in Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Romania. With the help of CitizenSl, you can obtain a European passport within a year.

For those who opt for the services of immigration lawyers, we gathered clients’ reviews that describe their personal experiences. If you have any questions, this article will help you understand what to do and where to seek help.

Romania, as a member of the European Union, has become a desired place for relocation. The EU is more than just a free trade zone; it also creates policies that member states must follow when creating their internal regulations, ensuring better living conditions for everyone. To boot, the EU has developed a visa-free travel zone, in which a national from one country can travel to any other without restrictions. The same goes for seeking employment, conducting business, and receiving healthcare benefits. Those reasons are among the primary motivations why so many people from all over the world consider relocating to Europe their primary option.

Procedures of acquiring Romanian citizenship

When you are looking to obtain a second passport of the EU states, you need to understand certain procedures. Generally, here is what you will need to do:

  1. Gather all the required documents;
  2. File an application;
  3. Get a tracking number for the case;
  4. Attend an oath-taking ceremony and obtain a citizenship certificate;
  5. Proceed with receiving a passport.

It is important to mention that all these steps require adherence to both local and EU laws. To make sure that you do everything right, it is recommended to consult an immigration specialist. Let us review how CitizenSL can help you with the legal matters, described above.

Obtaining Romanian citizenship with Citizensl

If you are interested in an EU citizenship, you should know that becoming a citizen of the European Union is easier to achieve with the help of professional attorneys of CitizenSL. The EU passport is not just a travel document, it gives you the opportunity to live and work in any EU country without restriction. With the services of CitizenSL, you can get various levels of assistance, such as:

  1. Initial consultation (free of charge);
  2. Acting on the clients’ behalf (in accordance with the power of attorney);
  3. Help with gathering the package of documents;
  4. Continuous consultations during the procedures.

Needed documentation

If you are trying to assess whether you can provide the documents specific to the Romanian citizenship registration with CitizenSl, here is the detailed list:

  • Power of attorney;
  • Citizenship application;
  • Passports: international one and internal ID card;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage license;
  • Proof of territorial affiliation;
  • 3,5 x 4,5 cm photos, 2 items;
  • Autobiography.

You might have additional questions about how to prove the territorial affiliation. According to CitizenSL lawyers, it might be one of the following documents:

  • Homeownership;
  • Long-term residence permit;
  • Long-term leasing.

If you have one or more of these proofs, but still not sure how to register Romanian citizenship, you can consult CitizenSL attorneys. Citizensl reviews show that they can help you with obtaining such documents.

Reviews about CitizenSl immigration company

The basic information and contacts of CitizenSL lawyers can be found on their official website. However, for better credibility, we have searched for honest online reviews on trusted websites, and here is what we found. reviews

In the screenshot above, one of the clients says that he has been trying to relocate for years but, without the knowledge of the law, he thought it would take about 10 years to get European citizenship. After the consultation of CitizenSL’s lawyers, he found out that he could get an EU passport within a year by repatriation. Eventually, he could successfully achieve that. reviews

In the next review, a client says that a migration lawyer is always a good idea. According to his experience, it is much easier when you trust the registration process to professionals. He also mentions that CitizenSL lawyers provide an individual immigration plan and support during the whole process.

Citizensl reviews

In this review, a client writes that before he obtained a Romanian passport, he analyzed the information about the company on wariors websites and without doubts, decided to start cooperation with CitizenSL. He became an EU citizen and highlighted that he is satisfied with the short processing time.

There is no doubt that working with this company can make things easier for anyone looking to relocate. Reviews indicate that they have been consulting immigrants for years, understanding the applicable law amendments, and guiding people in every legal procedure.

Summary about overview and reviews

There are many things to consider when planning a relocation to the EU: how to gather the required documents, how to fill out the application, and so on. Sometimes it is much better to consult a certified immigration lawyer than do everything on your own. In fact, reviews about CitizenSL prove that clients had more positive experience when passing all the procedures with the assistance of their lawyers.

All in all, representatives of this company have been successfully helping people with citizenship consultations for their preferred European countries. The team has been working in this niche for many years, and they have already supported thousands of families with their immigration procedures.


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