How to tame a horse in Minecraft

how to tame a horse in minecraft

With the version of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.0, new animals have appeared in the world: horses. Several varieties of horses were added to the game: regular, skeleton horse, and zombie horse. Also in how to tame a horse in minecraft PE was added to Donkey and Mule.

Everyone who played on the PC version of Minecraft and not only knows that you can ride horses. But how to do that? How to tame a horse? More questions than answers! That is why we are now going to tell you as much as possible how to tame a horse and ride it.

Start by looking for horses. You can spawn them yourself if you play in creative mode. It is advisable to find a small horse and then raise it.

Horses grow pretty quickly, you just need to feed them. You can feed horses: sugar, wheat, red apple, golden apple, golden carrot.

How to tame a horse in Minecraft

The greatest chance of taming is given by a golden apple – 10%. Gold carrot gives – 5% chance of taming. All other food products – 3%.

After you have tamed a horse, you can sit on it. Click on it – if it will stand on its hind legs, alas, you did not tame it. Look for the next horse. But, if you managed to get on a horse, then pointing a finger at it, the “Open” button will appear in front of you. This will open the horse’s interface, where you can put a saddle and armor on the horse.

Unfortunately, not all types of horses can wear armor. Horses that do not have the ability to wear armor – they will not have an appropriate slot for horse armor.

Horses that can wear armor will have an appropriate slot in the interface.

After you have completely saddled a horse – put on a saddle (you can don’t have to arm around), you can ride it and fully control it. Running a horse is very simple. Use the buttons to control the character, to move on a horse.

To make a horse a super jump, press the jump button for 0.5-1.2 seconds, then release it so that the horse jumps. There will be a special bar above the hot bar that displays the jump bar.


Saddles can be found in chests located in fortresses, abandoned mines, a hellish fortress, a temple in the desert, a temple in the jungle, and in the village of NPC in the chest of the blacksmith’s house.

How to feed it

To sit on a horse, you need to right-click on it (hands should be empty). A wild horse will try to throw you off, but after a few attempts, it will get used to it and stop resisting.

You can get off the horse by pressing the left Shift. If you hold the space, the horse will jump. The strength of the jump depends on how long you press the spacebar.

On a tamed horse, you can wear a saddle that allows you to control the horse with the WASD buttons, and horse armor (iron, gold or diamond), which gives the horse protection.

You can drive a horse with a leash. Right-clicking the mouse attached the horse to the fence. If you take the horse far from the fence, the leash will break.

For breeding, horses should be fed with golden apples or golden carrots. For successful breeding, it may be necessary to remove the saddle and armor.

Foals cannot be saddled, they should first be raised by feeding apples, sugar, hay or wheat. A horse born and raised by your efforts can have better characteristics than its parent. A horse grows to an adult state in 20 minutes.


The game has six main types of horses of different colors and sizes. They are born randomly with one of the colors, their running speed and jumping power (from 1 to 5 blocks in height). Taming a horse does not change its color (like that of ocelots), but allows players to wear saddles and special horse armor on them. 6 basic types are described below:


They all look the same, but can have different colors: white, mulled, dark bay, bay, black, gray in apples and yellow-chestnut. May not have marks on the coat, maybe fiery red, white as a breed of appaloosa, spotty and dark.

Cantilever team for an adult stallion:

/ summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type: 0}


After you tame it, you can hang a chest on a donkey (it will be impossible to remove it, it is attached until the animal dies). Pick up the chest and right-click on the donkey. This will install a chest and give 15 additional inventory slots.

A donkey cannot be equipped with armor. Through the console, it is called like this.

/ summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type: 1}


Mules cannot be found in the game world and cannot be bred; they can only be obtained by crossing ordinary horses and donkeys.

Mule can be obtained like this:

/ summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type: 2}


This species is spawned only on the night before All Saints Day, in Halloween. Previously, at any other time, it is almost impossible to meet them in a regular game – they were available only to developers and creators of maps.

It is said that with the release of Minecraft 1.10, a player can summon these zombies using invocation eggs. I tried – nothing happened, only donkeys sometimes appear.

If your version of the game is lower than 1.10, then use the console command (works in versions from 1.7.2 and higher):

/ summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type: 3}


Like zombies, the skeleton is absent in a regular game and appears only in Halloween. You can call her with the command:

/ summon EntityHorse ~ ~ 1 ~ {Type: 4}


She appears in Minecraft version 1.9 and above during a thunderstorm, and from the side looks like an ordinary horse or foal. Exactly until the player comes to her 10 blocks or closer. 

At this moment, lightning will strike her, thunder will sound, and she will turn into a skeleton rider, and next to him there will be the likelihood of such a trap depends on the difficulty level at which you play:

On an easy level: 4–8%;

Normal: 8-20%;

On difficult: 11–35%.

As soon as the riders appear, they immediately attack the player. Dead horsemen move quite quickly, shoot at the player with a bow, and actively avoid close combat. This is not surprising, because if you kill a Zednik, then a skeleton horse can be tamed and saddled

like usual!e three more of the same riders:

Console command for calling riders:

/ summon EntityHorse ~ ~ 1 ~ {SkeletonTrap: 1b}


Only adult horses, donkeys, and mules can be tamed. Foals, skeletons (except for the rider’s horse), and zombies are not tame. When a horse is tamed, you can put a saddle on it, you can ride on it and equip it with armor, as well as cross it for breeding.

Taming a horse is not too difficult and does not take much time. In most cases, this can be done with several attempts.


Since they are constantly moving, it may make sense to bring the right one to their home. To lead a horse on a leash, it is not necessary to tame it. However, it is necessary to ride them and cross.

Finding a stallion you like, you can tie it to a pole with a leash or build a fence so that it does not run away. This is not necessary, but some players come in handy.


To tame a wild horse, go up and right-click to jump on it. She resembles a couple of seconds before she kicks back and kicks the player off herself. Keep sitting on her until she stops dumping you and you see red hearts as a sign of successful taming. You can be dumped more than once until everything works out.

If you still can’t tame the horse, you can try to feed it with food like sugar, apples, and bread. These types of food will increase the likelihood of taming and the growth rate of foals.


Having tamed a horse, you can ride it. Without a saddle, you cannot control the stallion. The saddles used are the same as for pigs. They can be found in dungeons, they cannot be created independently.

Horses have their own inventory menu, as does the player. While riding, move the saddle from your inventory to the upper left slot.


In addition to the saddle, horses can receive special armor to protect and prepare for battle. Like a saddle, armor cannot be created on its own, it can be found in dungeons, chests of the Hell Fortress, desert temples, and abandoned mines.

To dress the armor, open the horse’s inventory and place the armor in the desired slot. Horse armor has endless durability and is available in three types – iron, gold, and diamond.


Having tamed two horses, you can start to grow new ones. Their breeding can give a greater variety of their appearance. Also, breeding potentially makes it possible to obtain individuals with great health, speed, and jumping ability. If your specimens aren’t the best, try breeding new ones until you create the perfect horse.

As is the case with other animals in Minecraft, to start breeding you will need their favorite food. For faster activation of the “love regime”, you can feed them two types of food: golden apples or golden carrots. Each horse is enough to give one apple or carrot to activate the breeding regime. Other foods will not cause them to multiply.

The color and patterns of the foal are dependent on the parents. As in reality, mules cannot be bred to receive new mules; the only way to get them is to cross an ordinary horse and a donkey.

Having been born, after about 20 minutes, the foal turns into an adult. Until then, it cannot be tamed or saddled. The growth process can be accelerated by their favorite food (shown in the table above). Foals are more awkward than older horses, with longer legs and a thinner body.

An accidental blow to a horse or foal does not make them aggressive, and tame individuals remain tamed. But trauma takes part in their health.


Climbing a tamed and saddled horse, you can control its movements using the keys W, A, S, D. They run fast, but some are faster than others. To make her jump, you need to charge the jump scale while holding the space bar. As we said above, jumping ability is different in different individuals.

Sitting on horseback, you can use any item, open chests, go through doors, use crafting tables, etc. You can fight with a sword or bow, you can even place blocks.

You can sit on a tamed horse endlessly. However, one should not approach it close to the water, they do not like it and discard the player when immersed in more than two blocks.



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