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InShot app for PC

Today, we will see a lot of video content creators come with their blissful videos. Also, they like to share those among their followers on social media platforms. One of the main intentions of sharing those edited photos and videos is getting fame and becoming an influencer. Today many apps come to provide video editing facilities. Among those, the InShot mobile app provides some blissful amenities. Moreover, with that app, you can apply your idea to your shot video or an imported one. Not only that, you can edit your photos using different methods. Although you can perform most of the editing tasks on your mobile, a big platform like a pc will add multiple amenities. Thankfully, you can quickly run the InShot app for pc using a straightforward method.

After editing your photos and videos, you can easily share various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. However, we don’t only notify you of the using process; rather, we will give a detailed discussion over the Inshot app.

Features of InShot APK

The Inshot Video Editor app features will help the user uplift the video quality prior to uploading to their desired platforms. To clarify it, let’s see an example, suppose you made a video using the vertical style, then you want to zoom the image and want to add a blissful blurry effect in the image background.

Moreover, this app lets you attach text, music, emojis, and filters quickly. In the following section, you will find some of its notable features to discover, which will help you get the best service. Hopefully, you will love our following enlisted features, so let’s get started.

Video Editing Facility

The 1st feature we are going to discuss is the ability to edit an existing video. What will you find under the video editing features? Well, under this feature, you can remove the front or tail portions of your video clip or enlarge the video length, in short, trimming the video. Moreover, the app allows you to either cut or wipe out the video’s middle part.

However, if you want to join two videos, then this app allows you to do this under the merge videos feature.


Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms next to Facebook. Here many users upload millions of videos daily.

Interestingly, the Inshot app has a feature of attaching a blurred border on your video and photo. Also, you can select your desired color on the frame.

Therefore, the photo or video becomes ready for uploading on Instagram. Don’t think that you attach only a photo inside the square; instead, you can add more pictures and videos there.

Sound, Effects, and Voice-overs

The next feature is you can add your desired sound in any format like mp3 and so on. Plus, here lie multiple funny sound effects. Hopefully, it could be great fun.

Not only that, this app helps you to attach voice-overs. Also, you can sync video and sound quickly. Besides, this app lets you control the original video and mp3 song’s volume.

Attaching Text and Emoji

Suppose the sound quality of your created video isn’t satisfactory so, you want to attach text there to make it clear.

Well, you can easily do that using this app’s text attaching feature. Don’t think that the text can only be attached in the video; instead, you can add text in the photo also. Not only the text, but you can also attach emojis to your photo.

Another noteworthy feature is, you can easily sync emoji and text with video using timeline features.


The fifth feature herein is the filter facility. Under this feature, you will find multiple photo filters and special video filters. Also, you can edit your photo and video. Not only that, you can flip and rotate your video and photo easily. Plus, the photo collage feature will satisfy you.

Sharing option on Social Media Platform

After editing your photo or video, what do you want to do? In most cases, people want to share their edited photos and videos on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. To facilitate sharing, this app offers a share option. Interestingly, the resolution of your edited photo and video will be high quality.

Uses or Importance

This video editor app helps you edit photos or videos either capture using a phone or import from your internal storage.

Also, it allows editing combined or individually. Another blissful feature is that this app helps you change the video shape easily to share on different social media platforms without editing. One issue you may face like this app’s free version won’t transition one clip to another smoothly. But, it isn’t a severe issue, hopefully.


So, let’s see what amenities you will get from this photo and video editor app.

  1. Firstly, this editor app lets you split, trim, flip, rotate, or merge video clips and create a collage simply.
  2. If you like to modify your video with sound, you can easily do that. Plus, you can attach video effects, voiceovers, and various filters. Also, the InShot timeline feature lets you sync video and sound quickly.
  3. Adding text or emoji could be a great thing for anyone. Interestingly, this editor app will help you add those easily. Not only that, this editor app will help you to attach customizable backgrounds along with blur effects.
  4. Another exciting amenity is its animation and fun filters. This feature helps you brighten your video.  Also, you can attach various cinematic effects, such as black/white, vintage look, etc.
  5. The Inshot editor app will help you to share high-quality videos of approximately 1080p. Also, you can adjust speed 2x to 4x (slower to faster).
  6. The last amenity is that this app helps you share photos and videos on various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.


You will get multiple amenities, but some negative things may create some problems.

  • You may see the watermark in the video content automatically.
  • Advertisements may appear on your editing screen and during downloading screens and filters.

How to Run an InShot App on PC?

You can quickly run InShot App on your PC using a media named emulator software. In the market, you will find various emulator software; among those, the most notable are Bluestack and Nox player. In our process, we will use Bluestack to run any android app on PC. So, let’s get started.

  1. Firstly, you need to navigate the official website of Bluestack. While reaching the official page, you will see a logo named Download Bluestack 5 in the top right corner. So, you need to click on that logo and wait to download the exe file.
  2. Once you see your exe file on the finished download list, now you need to click on that to install. The installation process is easy; all you need to follow on-screen instructions.
  3. After finishing the installation process, you will see the Bluestack logo on your computer screen. Now, double-click on the software to enter and then complete the sign-up process using a valid Gmail account. Note: This step is essential because it will help you to download any PlayStore app on your PC.
  4. Now, you will see the PlayStore logo, so click here to enter. After that, you will see a search box, and you need to type InShot and then press Enter.
  5. After a while, you will see a list of apps related to it. Hopefully, you will find your desired one on the top of the list. Once you find that, you need to click to open that app. On that app, you will see the install button beside the app. So, click that install logo, and then you will see the app start downloading automatically. Then, you will see your installed app on the emulator’s home screen.

Hopefully, by following the above steps, you can install the InShot app on your PC. Now, enjoy the photo and video editing tasks and share those with your friends.

FAQ: InShot App for PC

Can you use InShot on your PC?

Yes, you can easily use the InShot android app on your PC. For that, you need to use emulator software such as Bluestack or Nox player. That emulator software helps to download any android app on your PC. Likewise, the InShot app can be run on a PC using the emulator software.

Interestingly, you can easily download emulator software from their official website.

Is Bluestack free to use?

Thankfully, the developer invented the easiest way to run any android apps using emulator software.

Among the various emulator software, Bluestack is one of them and most popular also. Interestingly, you can easily download and install Bluestack on your PC. Not only that, you can run Bluestack without paying any single penny.

Is the InShot Chinese app?

Yes, a Chinese developer named QuVideo developed this InShot video editing app. That’s why it is tagged with Chinese origin. Today, millions of people throughout this world use this video editing app.

Is BlueStacks malware?

Among the various popular emulator software, you will find Bluestack at the top of the list. This software helps you to see any android app on the PC easily.

Interestingly, you will find it the most popular emulator software today. You don’t need to fear the malware problem because it is entirely safe from this tag.

Final Thought

By now, we gave detailed information regarding the InShot app for pc through our above discussion. Hopefully, our above discussion gives you a better insight. So, follow all our above words and process to get this app on your PC.

Last but not least, if you have any questions regarding our discussion, please let us know using the comment section.


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