5 Best Innings in IPL Knockouts That Remain Evergreen in the Minds

IPL Knockouts

India is a nation of cricket lovers. Even the street kids of India use tree trunks and paper balls to enjoy a round of cricket. During the cricket season every television set is tuned to get a glimpse of their favourite field game. It is not surprising that reminiscing the beautiful records of IPL Matches in the past also gives us players. So, here we have shared the 5-best innings of IPL Fantasy League that you would love to look back at:

Chris Gayle 2013

The stunning performance of Chis Gayle in 2013 IPL fantasy league can never be forgotten. Chris Gayle belonged to Royal Challengers Bangalore. The fantasy IPL player scored 175 runs in just 11 overs. His fantabulous performance included 17 sixes and 13 fours. This performance ensured that Royal Challengers acquired the highest T20 score by a team with 263/5 score. The match was won against Pune Warriors. A true IPL T20 Fantasy fan can never forget this remarkable match.

Brendon Mc Cullum 2008

The inaugural match of IPL League in the year 2008 saw some remarkable performances. The first ever tournament held on 18 April 2008 between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore was held. Brendon Mc Cullum belonged to Kolkata Knight Riders. He scored a 158 in just 73 balls. The whopping score included 13 sixes and 10 fours. 

Ab De Villiers 2016

Ab De Villiers managed to overshadow the awesome performance by Virat Kohli in IPL Match of 2016. Ab De Villiers was a part of Royal Challengers Bangalore. He scored a 129 in just 52 balls and the record remains unbeaten till now. He hit 12 sixes and 10 fours to rush his way to the whopping score. Such a splendid performance surely overshadowed Virat Kohli’s century in the same match.

Yusuf Pathan 2010

The ‘never say no’ attitude of Yusuf Pathan was visible in the 2010 IPL League match. The match was held between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Lions. Mumbai Indians put on a clearly superior performance and Sachin Tendulkar was confident the team will win easily. Gujarat lions started their innings poorly and the team was 66/4 in the 10th over. The dismal looks of the match for Gujarat Lions changed with Yusuf Pathan’s fearsome attitude. The Baroda batsman made the fastest hundred in the T20 history till then. He made 100 runs in just 37 balls which included 8 sixes and 9 fours. The performance seemed to change the whole equation till he got run out in the 18th over. Mumbai Indians still won the match but with just 4 runs. The stunning performance of Yusuf Pathan will stay memorable for fans around the world.

David Miller 2013

It is always fun to see a match change its course completely due to the performance of lionhearted players. David Miller’s performance in 2013 IPL match was just that. Royal Challengers had every chance of winning with splendid performance of Chris Gayle, Ab De Villiers and Cheteshwar Pujara. In 20 overs, they made a 190/3. 

Kings XI Punjab started off poorly losing wickets at regular intervals to reach 64/4 by 10 overs. The equation changed when David Miller made the third fastest century with 7 sixes and 8 fours. This led the Kings XI team to an unexpected victory.

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