Is MBA important to Start a Business?

MBA important to Start a Business

Business is an activity of earning money and making ones living. It includes buying and selling. Providing services and earning profits through it is also called a business. It can range from peddlers to general motors. Providing education in institutions also is a form of business. Education serves a purpose in spreading awareness and knowledge to every student.

Importance of MBA

Every single human being studied to increase their knowledge and also to get certified from top institutions to get exposure.

After an undergraduate degree, the next thought that comes to people’s minds is to study Masters in Business Administration which is a course usually studied for one or two years. MBA has gained more importance lately. It has become a NEED.

Most of the people study MBA after their under graduation since it has many advantages like:

  • More industry exposure leading to good career prospects. These colleges have great exposure and chances of getting placed in the best companies after studying in famous or internationally or nationally recognized universities.
  • Coimbatore is one of the largest industrial cities in India. Therefore there is a good scope for the flourish of new companies and the development of the old ones. In this case, there is a requirement of students who will be capable to fill these jobs and usually they are picked or selected from the top colleges where Coimbatore is one of the leading cities.
  • People who want to study MBA in India would choose Coimbatore since it has few of the best colleges in India. The demands for these colleges are very high.
  • Coimbatore is the hub of MBA education.
  • Students are offered high-quality placements every year. The MBA colleges aim at giving their students the best they can offer.
  • Students can reach higher in the corporate field as well as become recognized, young entrepreneurs.
  • MBA offers specialization in many fields of your choice. Therefore the students are able to study what they like and what stream they would pursue their career in.

Top MBA colleges in Coimbatore:

  • Amrita school of business
  • PSG Institute of management
  • Karunya school of management
  • GRG school of management studies
  • Shreekrishna institution

These are few of the best or top MBA colleges at Coimbatore. They offer education not only in classrooms, but students get experience of the practical application of whatever theoretical management they have learned.

Amrita school of business’ curriculum is globally benchmarked with the best in the world. The fees for the best colleges starts from two lakh and goes up to nine and ten lakhs. These colleges accept scores and ranks of many exams like CAT, XAT, CMAT, MAT, and even state level Tancet exam scores. Therefore there is a benefit over other top colleges since other institutions don’t accept all exam ranks and score. They will have a particular exam to clear to get into the college.

Scoring around 60% to 80% is considered as quite a good score to get into top MBA colleges in Coimbatore.  There will be scholarships too where students who excel at academics can apply and get a benefit in their fees for one or two years.

Few of the specializations that are available in the MBA are:

  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Information Systems
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Healthcare

Getmyuni is one website which will help students while applying for colleges. It provides basic knowledge of what colleges are available. It helps the students find colleges easily and prioritize according to the student’s likes.  The website will ask general information like name, address, qualification, scores in the exams and so on. It will suggest a few colleges to the students and they can even compare the colleges they wish to. It will compare automatically based on the teaching methods, campus recruitment or placements, college campus, fees that the student is willing to pay or can afford per year and give you the best suggestions in that.

Why choose MBA after Engineering?

MBA is a course in business. Therefore it is meant for commerce students, but engineering students choose to pursue MBA because it will sharpen their managerial skills and help them accurately understand roles in non-technical industries too.

Part-time MBA Option

People who have started their career by working and want to study MBA have an option. In this way, they do not have to stop working also and can just continue further studies.

Is studying  MBA after graduation or work experience better?

All B-schools or recruiters will prefer students with work experience since they will possess more practical knowledge than the rest of the graduates.

If you are just a graduate then you might not be clear about what you want to achieve in the future. Students with work experience have a clear cut vision on what they want and why they want it. For the people who are working, MBA might be the last most important education degree and would make up their mind to finish it off well. Therefore both of the decisions are right. You should just have the focus on a single view and then you can decide accordingly.

MBA colleges could help every person build their career since this course has become a need for many people.


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