Is Selena Gomez got engaged to The Weeknd? Secret Ring flashes

selena gomez singer

Rumors of Selena Gomez secret engagement is all over internet. It all started when someone noticed a large diamond ring on her ring finger in Beverly Hills. She was looking at the exterior of jewelry retailer XIV Karats in Bevery Hills.

Now different people are assuming different things from the same ring. Some are saying that it is an diamond ring of a secret engagement. While other assume that it is not but a simple birthday gift which Gomez might picked as a belated birthday reward for herself.

Her followers start guessing that The Weeknd might give her that ring. It is possible that she get back with him again. As we all know Selena Dated The Weeknd for a few month after her break up with Justin Bieber. Once Selena left him, he got back to her on and off kind girl-friend model Bella Hadid.

Some other folks are saying that Selena got this ring from her long-time friend Francia Raisa. She donated her kidney to Selena. But if you check recent vacation and other updates of Selena , you don’t find Raise anywhere near her. They have a gap in their old relationship. So, there is no chance that she presented a hoop to Selena.

Now we have to see when we get a clear picture of diamond ring of Gomez. It is possible that we find some more detailed info regarding her ring finger’s hoop later.


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