Is Taylor Swift planning for kids and Settle Down? Time to Know

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is always in the news when she goes anywhere during her music trips. She always appears in different interviews where hosts ask many personal and professional questions. Recently, she was asked that is she thinking of kids planning as she is going to turn 30 soon. This is an interesting question and we got an amazing answer. Check this out.

According to a recent report, a reporter asked Taylor Swift if she is planning to settle down and start a family and have some kids, especially now when she is turning 30 soon. Taylor wasn’t so happy from these questions.

She tried to shut down the reporter with the answer that whether people ask the same question from a man when they turn 30. So she didn’t directly give an answer but she made it clear that she is not going to disclose any information about this matter.

As we all know that Taylor has some cats and she often calls them like her kids. I thought the reporter didn’t know about this fact of her life.

When women get old, people around the world start asking such personal questions like when they are going to settle and have a family. And asking the same question from a celebrity is nothing new. But Taylor is a moody person who doesn’t like to disclose all such info.

With whom she is dating and with whom she wants to have kids are some those personal questions, about which she doesn’t want to talk much.

She is keeping her relationship private with Joe Alwyn- her boyfriend. While many fans convinced that they have got engaged. But there is no official news. She might settle down with him and have some kids. Who knows?


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