Jeep Tow Bars: A Guide To Towing Safely and Efficiently


Depending on the model, a Jeep Wrangler can tow between 2,000 and 3,500 pounds, allowing you to tow small vehicles or trailers. A Jeep tow bar, using a combination of a shank, attachment tabs, and pivoting arms helps couple the two vehicles together.

While a tow bar permits the towing of one vehicle by the other, drivers must learn how to correctly pack trailers and hitch vehicles to avoid some of the common challenges that occur during towing. They also must learn to select the right tow bar for their Jeep model.

Common Towing Challenges

While a Jeep is capable of towing, owners must realize towing capacities are relatively low compared to other vehicles. Some of the issues facing Jeeps are short wheelbases and cooling issues. If you choose to tow a trailer or vehicle with your Jeep pay close attachment to weight and weight distribution.

Beyond an official weight capacity it cannot exceed, a Jeep requires even weight distribution across and behind its suspension. When packed incorrectly, trailers may pull to one side because all the weight leans that way. Uneven distribution affects the stability of the trailer, which can lead to handling issues and possible accidents.

You can counter potential problems from uneven distribution by investing in weight distribution hitches and antisway devices. Each tool helps to maintain greater balance and control during transport.

Another common issue is tire slip and oversteer. The problem likely occurs when a driver overreacts to something in the road or allows the trailer to shift more than a couple of degrees off track. The situation is dangerous and can lead to car accidents and rollovers.

The death wobble is another common and dangerous issue facing Jeep owners who tow vehicles or trailers. The situation occurs with rapidly rotating components in the steering wheel, mechanical defects, or loose, misaligned, and damaged parts in the suspension. The event feels like a jarring shake or shimmy in the steering and can make drivers panic thinking they’re about to lose control of the vehicle. 

To avoid many common Jeep towing issues, you can invest in proper car suspension parts and accessories. Buying the right equipment and having it installed correctly by a professional reduces potential risks.

Selecting the Right Tow Bar for Your Needs

When choosing a tow bar for your Jeep, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, not all tow bars are compatible with all vehicles. You must find an option that is compatible with your vehicle. Second, consider your towing needs. Different tow bars work best in different situations, so know what type of vehicle you will tow. Third, look for tow bars with safety features. You want to select options with anti sway devices and safety chains. Finally, learn the towing regulations in your area.

Whether you are planning to tow a small vehicle or trailer, you want to ensure your vehicle is capable and ready. Check to ensure that all parts and accessories, including a PTU car part, are compatible and ready for the towing experience. Contact a local auto supply retailer to learn more.


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