Jennifer Lopez and Alex sold their Luxe Park Avenue Condo for $17.5 million

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have sold their luxe Park Avenue Condo for $17.5 million. They bought this condo one year ago for $15.3 million. They stayed in the apartment in March 2018, but from January 2019 they put this apartment back on the market for sale.

As we know Jennifer and Alex are planning for their big day, it might not be coming “Soon, soon” but they will tie the knot by 2020. They sold their condo because it doesn’t offer adequate space for the whole family. Jennifer and Alex each have two kids from their past relationship. They are planning to stay in a home where all of their family members have proper space and room.

It is interesting to know that this Park Avenue Condo isn’t so small. This apartment is at 432 Park Avenue, which is the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. This apartment has 4000 Square feet space featured with three bedrooms, four and a half bathroom, living room, library, dining room and four terraces which offer a remarkable view of the city. The master suite has two separate bathrooms for a couple privacy and also has a separate dressing room.

Now if we talk about amenities which come alongside this condo for the new buyers, then there are immense. This building has a fitness center, swimming pool, private restaurant, a screening, and performance avenue.

According to reports, “They love the services, the amenities—they use the gym, they use the boardroom for meetings. But for the size of their family, they need something much larger.”

The couple has found a massive new space in Manhattan. But even they don’t get a new home soon. They already own many homes. Alex has a home in Miami and also in NYC.

Jennifer and Alex also owned a Malibu Beach House whose previous owner was a star Jeremy Piven for $6.6 million. This beach house has 4404 square feet space and featured with four spacious bedrooms and three bathrooms. According to some reports, Chip and Jonna Gaines are renovating this home for this fan-favorite couple.


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