Jennifer Lopez Felt Super Nervous for wearing a Thong in front of 300 men in a club scene

Jennifer Lopez

The Hustlers is an upcoming comedy movie unlocking story of a group of strippers. Jennifer Lopez is playing the leading role. Recently, she admitted that it wasn’t an easy role to do. She had to move out of her comfort zone to adopt Ramona character, a pole dancer and stripper in a club.
Singer, actor, and producer said that she wasn’t ready to meet the demand of the role. She learned pole dancing in almost three months. But another challenging job to do is to wear a thong in front of 300 men in a club.
JLo said that she felt so nervous while filming a body-revealing scene in the movie. The story of this movie is based on real events. In 2008, a group of stripper decided to rob their wealthy clients to get out of the financial crisis. The singer is joined by rapper Cardi B, pop star Lizzo, Keke Palmer, Constance Wu, and Lili Reinhart.
Popstar put fire on the stage much time with her stunning dance moves during her music career. But she revealed that stage experience didn’t prepare her for pole dancing. More than six months in training for the Hustlers. Even during her tour, she kept a portable pole with her. Now we can see how much time and effort she invested in becoming Ramona.
The pop singer confessed that she was feeling anxiety when she had to perform a provocative dance routine in a man-packed strip club.

“Before I did that scene, I was super nervous. But also because of the vulnerability, going up there, all the guys were around the stage, we had about 300 extras in the club, and it’s like, ‘okay, go up there and do your pole routine’. It’s like, ‘oh my God, take off your clothes and wear a thong’!”
Jennifer Lopez is not just an actress in the movie, and she is also the producer. Lopez said that she tried to offer a comfy zone when working with other women; she likes to “make sure everybody’s comfortable. I want them to know that our set is going to be comfortable; it’s going to feel good.”
Co-star 37-year-old speaks very highly of her producer.
“She’s caring for everybody . . . it’s just natural that a connection forms.”
Hustlers are coming very soon, buy its ticket as it will hit cinemas on September 13


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