Jennifer Lopez, spotted with fiancé and Ex-husband, what they were doing together?

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, her fiance Alex Rodriguez and ex-husband Marc Anthony spotted in a school where they attended a mini concert. This threesome entry purpose was to see Max’s recital. If you don’t know Max, he is a  son of Lopez and Marc Anthony, he is 11 years old.

It seems that JLO doesn’t want to give up on the family goals, and for her family comes first. Therefore, she doesn’t mind coming with his ex-husband and fiancé to show her side of support for her son.

Max’s performance was quite unusual at the Miami School. Alex shared a video of this mini-event on his Instagram account. In the video, Jennifer Lopez was looking attractive with turtle neck top.

Alex sits between the ex-married couple. The hilarious moment of the video was one when the ex-married couple was singing “I Will always love you” alongside their son. This lip-syncing moment was, and it looks like a drama scene is under-process in real life.

Alex made this video, and he mocked himself by saying #Iamnotasinger. It clearly shows that parents are supporting their kid in a very heart-touching manner. Lyrics of the song are heart-melting.

It is not the first time that we see a trio appearance in an event. They usually come together just to support their kids. Alex is not the only one who shared such posts on his Instagram, Jennifer Lopez also feel proud to share stories of her kids and their achievements.



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