Jeremy Giambi Net Worth: From Baseball to Business Success


Early life and school

Born in San Jose, California, Jeremy attended South Hills High School in West Covina. Furthering his education at California State University, Fullerton, he played college baseball for the Cal State Fullerton Titans and won the 1995 College World Series. During the summer of 1994, he showcased his skills with the Bourne Braves in the Cape Cod Baseball League, earning recognition as a league all-star. You can also check early life and schooling information from jeremy giambi wiki and the role he played after joining MLB.

Exploring Jeremy Giambi’s MLB

In 2002, the Athletics changed Giambi with the Phillies, getting John Mabry in return. Post-2002, the Phillies changed Giambi to the Red Sox for Josh Hancock. His final MLB stint was in 2003 with the Red Sox. Following his Red Sox exit, Giambi got minor league pacts with the Dodgers in 2004 and the White Sox in 2005, participating in only 20 games across two seasons.

Giambi’s Professional Journey

The Kansas City Royals drew Giambi in the sixth round of the 1996 MLB Draft. His major league debut occurred in 1998 as a September call-up for the Royals. Before the 2000 season, the Athletics acquired Giambi from the Royals. Notably, Jeremy shared the field during the 2000 and 2001 seasons. A memorable moment transpired in Game 3 of the 2001 ALDS when Derek Jeter directed a “flip play,” ranking Giambi.

In 2002, Giambi hit .274 with eight home runs and 17 RBIs in 42 games for the Athletics. On May 22, the Athletics switched him to the Phillies for John Mabry. His 2002 season ended with a total of 20 home runs split between the Athletics and Phillies. Following this, the Phillies traded Giambi to the Red Sox for Josh Hancock. His final MLB appearance was in 2003 with the Red Sox.

Throughout his MLB career, Giambi got a .263 batting average, hitting 52 home runs and tallying 209 RBIs.

More than four months after Jeremy Giambi’s passing, TMZ has released additional details on the demise of Jason Giambi’s brother. His professional journey had a unique influence on his life and which greatly added jeremy giambi net worth successfully.

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Giambi, a six-season MLB outfielder and first baseman, played for the Kansas City Royals (1998-99), Oakland A’s (2000-02), Philadelphia Phillies (2002), and Boston Red Sox (2002-03).

Notably, Giambi faced Derek Jeter’s iconic 2001 ALDS defensive move, “The Flip,” preventing a run. In 2005, Giambi openly admitted using performance-enhancing drugs during his career.

A 2007 report by ex-Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell linked BALCO founder Victor Conte to supplying steroids like “the cream” and “the clear” to elite athletes, including the Giambi brothers.

Who played Jeremy Giambi in Moneyball? 

Nick Porrazzo played by him took on the role in the 2011 film, part of a star-studded cast featuring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. Beyond Porrazzo, Moneyball starred Robin Wright, Chris Pratt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and others. Launched in 2011, Moneyball is on Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime.

Personal Life

Wife- Naia Giambi

If  you are looking for was jeremy giambi married then the answer to this is “Reports suggest jeremy and naia were wed for over a decade. The exact date and place of their wedding remain a mystery, but it happened in the 1990s. 

Despite the undisclosed beginning, the duo has embraced marital bliss for over a decade. Knowing Naia’s passions, horses hold a special place in her heart, drawing her into the world of breeding. She is a nutritionist. Post-retirement, she succeeded in involving her spouse in the care of their equine companions. In a candid 2012 interview, Naia revealed her enduring love for horses and shared a joint enthusiasm for watching equestrian competitions with her husband.

Jeremy and Naia Giambi’s kids

The couple wasn’t keen on sharing all their family details with the media. They weren’t available much on social media either. They kept their children away from the public eye, maintaining a private family life. Due to their silence, information about their kids is hard to find.


Jeremy Giambi’s passing in February 2022, shook the San Francisco Chronicle, reporting the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office tagged it as suicide. The report outlined the 47-year-old’s end at his parents’ place in Southern California, surrendering to a gunshot wound to the chest, confirmed by the medical examiner-coroner’s office.

Yet, in a twist from TMZ on Thursday, fresh details hinted at an accident’s role in Giambi’s tragedy. Docs exposed by TMZ Sports revealed the ex-MLB player’s mishap in August 2021 as a pitching coach. A baseball strike to the head led to a severe injury, a fractured zygomatic bone, demanding corrective surgery.

Post-accident, a witness told TMZ of Giambi’s noticeable shift, becoming overly emotional and negative, allowing trivialities to spoil his days. Docs painted a persistent picture of Giambi – emotional, depressed, and paranoid post-surgery. Despite seeking medical help, scans, and neurologist consultations, no clear diagnosis emerged.


Q1. Did Jeremy win any World Series?

Ans: Yes, he won the College World Series strike in 1995 at Cal State Fullerton.

Q2. What was the main cause of death of Jeremy?

Ans: According to the coroner’s online records of the case, the main cause of death of Jeremy was a gunshot wound.

Q3. How tall was Giambi?

Ans: He was quite good in his height and he was around 1.83m.


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