Jumanji 3: Official Trailer is on The Screen

jumanji 3

The adventures continue in the world of the game of Jumanji where nothing is what it seems. So the game begins in Jumanji world. Yes, the third Jumanji movie is on the way, and the exciting thing is that the official trailer has displayed on the screen. So enjoy the trailer of Jumanji 3.

The film is set to scheduled on 13 December 2019 exactly one week before of Star Wars. Both of the movies are considered the hit films at the box office in 2019.

Sony pictures surprised their fans and trailers is describing all the story. The gang is back in Jumanji: the next level and games changes.

Immediately they realized nothing is like what they expect. So the heroes face countless threats and lots of fun.

Jake Kasdan is the director of the movie, and in the third chapter, we’ll see the characters with different roles such as Danny becomes the Rock, and Danny Glover appears as Kevin Hart.

Well in the next level of Jumanji other cast stars like Karen Gillan, Jack Black, and Awkwafiba included.


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