JUMANJI video game is Releasing 1 month before Jumanji 3


Fans of Jumanji Franchise might get excited to know that Jumanji video game is ready and it is releasing one month before Jumanji 3 hit the cinema.

As far as the story of the video game is concerned, it is based on Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. You will get control of all four characters of the film. Now you can complete the task and handle challenges like these jungle surfers.

As this new game is coming one month before the release of Jumanji 3, fans are excited as they might get their eyes on a few elements of the upcoming movie.

Jumanji video game features Dwayne Johnson and his fellow stars who are on a mission to find different gems required to save Jumanji.

That’s mean if you are playing this game, you will have to search and find lost gems; otherwise, you can’t save Jumanji, and even your life is at stake. You will have to complete this task alongside your three teammates.

As far as the gameplay plot of Jumanji is concerned, it got all the elements of original Jumanji, and then it will start from where Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle wrapped up. That’s mean you can expect some tidbits and hints about Jumanji 3 from this video game.

Jumanji video game release date

Sony is going to release this video game on 15 November while Jumanji 3 movie will hit the cinema one month later. You can play this game on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and, Nintendo Switch.


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