Justin Bieber is Working on a New Album with his Wife

Justin Bieber

After checking the multiple Instagram posts of Justin Bieber, many fans start believing that he is working on his new album with his Wife. He posted a black-and-white photo on Sunday where he was wearing a white T-shirt, and his 22-year old Wife wore a black and white striped shirt.  Fans started getting a hint from Insta updates of this singer. Let’s check what they think.

In the next Instagram post, he posted a hint about his new work. Fan started speculation based on this hint. He posted a picture of him standing shirtless with his Wife Hailey with a caption “Studio vibes with my studio chicka.”

So, fans think that he is working on a single with his love. Recently Bieber and Ed Sheeran released their duet, “I don’t care” earlier this month.  In order to increase fans’ interest in the upcoming audio, both singers posted cryptic posts. Also, they remain unbeaten in increasing their anxiety and curiosity level until the time they released this upbeat track.

There is another Instagram post where 25-year-old singer is hugging her Wife on a couch and having some fun time.

He captioned this picture “New nickname for her every day. Today she’s my goo goo.” He posted this caption with a red-heart emoji.

Now we have to see whether fans speculation about a new album of Justin Bieber is right or not. Let’s wait and watch.


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