Kendall Jenner’s Security is set on high alert after her alleged Stalker goes missing

Kendall Jenner is the latest victim of leaked celebrities photos buzz. Her private pictures have been leaked online and these are breaking the internet.

Kendall Jenner has got a restraining order against Ford for five years. He can’t come close to Jenner. He must have to keep a distance of 100 yards from model else he will have to face the consequences.

Her security details have been changed since alleged stalker John Ford has gone missing. If you guys don’t know, John Ford is a 38-year-old Canadian citizen who was deported from the U.S. after ICE arrested him in New Mexico. He tried to reach Kendall Jenner’s property last fall but his attempt failed when LAPD arrested him. He did this more than one time.

Ford’s Family is living in Canada, and it is their duty to keep an eye on him. However, they lost  his track once again and now he is missing. They don’t have any clue where he is.

Ford’s Missing status is not really good as he will surely try to stalk Kendall again. He may try to reach out Kendall Jenner at her place in Beverly Hills.  Therefore, Kendall’s security is set on high alert. If they see any suspicious activity, they are ready to stop him.

At one point, Kendall’s security team is ready to handle Ford. At another point, it is believed that Ford won’t return in the U.S. legally. The border check-points have put on alert, if Ford tries to re-enter the country then he will be stopped there. Authorities also alerted everyone in the area around the border , so if local see him, they will inform the police. He might face jail time or deportation.


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