Ketogenic Diet: How to get rid of Keto Breath?

Ketogenic Diet

In the ketogenic diet, we take few carbohydrates and get the calories from fats and protein. The ketogenic diet has some unpleasant side effects, and one is Keto breath, and it’s called ketosis. That is one of the most common in which the person feels fruity or sweet breath smell. However, this condition disappears when your body adapts the keto diet, But it takes almost 21 days.

So I am going to recommend you some suggestions to reduce the keto breath such as increase carbohydrates amount and drinking more water. We’ll talk about the keto breath, first, let’s see what other signs and symptoms in Ketosis are.

Signs and Symptoms of Being Ketosis

There are some signs and symptoms that you can notice while taking the ketogenic diet. You can guess easily whether you are suffering from ketosis or not.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, Person who uses a keto diet may experience these symptoms such as

1. Keto breathe and Keto flu
2. Vomiting
3. Nausea
4. Headaches,
5. Difficulty in sleeping
6. Dizziness and tiredness
7. Constipation
8. The dark and stronger smell of urine

Drinking More Water

If you are taking a keto diet and have some breathing issues, must read this article.
Drinking more water can reduce keto breath. When you drink water, the body expels ketones in the urine. In this way, bacteria flush out that cause bad breath.

Chewing the Mint

As we know, Mint is a fresh herbal, so this way is also so useful. Chewing and Sucking mints are enough to get a ride from bad keto breath.

Behind this mechanism, chewing the Mint will produce the amount of saliva that helps to stop bacteria which provides fresh breath.

Commonly the less saliva always causes unpleasant breath. As you saw in the morning, we have some unpleasant smell because in the night less saliva produces in the mouth that allow bacteria to grow.

Carbohydrates Intake

When we intake fewer carbohydrates in the ketogenic diet, more ketones produce. The number of carbohydrates varies according to each person. Therefore a person can take carbohydrates 20 g to 50 g if the daily calories requirement is 2000.

Therefore if you want to get rid lousy keto breath then increase your carbohydrate intake so that fewer ketones produced which leads to less keto breath.

By Using Toothpaste

Brushing the teeth is the best way to prevent keto breath. Using toothpaste, you can remove all the dislodge pieces of food in the mouth that cause smell in mouth.

Is Keto Diet Effective?

what is keto diet

Keto diet provides carbohydrates with glucose and body burns this glucose to generate energy. When we restrict carbs in the diet body produces glucose. If glucose will less, it produces ketones that consume energy.

A ketogenic diet uses to reduce weight in the short term, but it has some side effects such as stored fats turned into acetones. These acetones cause keto breath. However, some suggestions are giving to get rid of these signs.

Nowadays ketogenic diet is not only used to lose weight as well as using to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes and in epilepsy treatment. Some researches say it has some beneficial effects to improve acne or neurological issues, but less evidence is available on it.

I hope this article will be helpful if you are using a ketogenic diet or want to get rid of any keto side effect. We’ll bring more amazing subject regarding it, just stay with us updates


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