Top 12 Best KissAsian Alternatives 2021 to Watch Asian Movies Online

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Kissasian is a well-known online video streaming site where you may view high-definition movies for free. Although not every film is accessible in high definition, there are many. The programming, which is directed mostly at Asian viewers, includes films and shows from Japan, Korea, and China. Despite the fact that all of the films are in their native languages, almost all of them feature English subtitles. Kissasian is a good location to go if you’re tired of old American movies.

Kissasian, like any other similar website, is illegal, and the content is entirely plagiarized. In many countries, accessing pirated content is illegal, and breaking copyright restrictions can lead to legal action. There are numerous websites like this on the internet, and viewing them safely requires the usage of a VPN.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tool that lets you alter your IP address while also encrypting your data. It means that neither your ISP nor government authorities will be able to track your online activities. For example, a VPN may be used to safely access pirate websites, unblock material, and watch American Netflix. It’s a terrific service that allows you to be completely independent of the internet. Keep in mind that a VPN must be fast enough to stream videos online; else, the video quality will degrade.

What’s the best way to get Kissasian Video to download?

The steps for using Kissasian to download dramas are given below.

  • In your browser, go to
  • Select a drama and watch an episode (I watched “Cheese in the Trap”).
  • From the drop-down option, choose “openload.”
  • Select the option to download.
  • Go here to learn more. After that, it will open a new tab, which you should close.
  • Before you click the link, take a little time to think about it.

How can you download movies using the Kissasian App?

  • Make sure your Android phone or tablet is connected to the internet, either over Wi-Fi or your mobile network.
  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Movies & TV app.
  • Choose Library.
  • Find the movie or TV episode you’d want to download.
  • Simply press the download button to begin. To stop or stop an ongoing download, tap Download.

What types of movie qualities are available on Kissasian?

By leaking copyrighted content from movies on their websites, piracy sites have had a severe influence on movie box office receipts around the world. All of the labor that went into making a film is worthless once it is listed on a piracy website.

Kissasian offers a diverse selection of films, including Tamil and Tamil-dubbed films. On this illegal website, you may view most Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free. The platform has a large selection of films in various video quality levels. The sorts of streaming and download options accessible on Kissasian are shown below. Kissasian also has HD-quality videos on its websites.

The majority of moviegoers want to watch or download high-definition movies. In consideration of its consumers, Kissasian’s illegal website offers a certain streaming quality for every movie. You may watch a range of movies in the following streaming quality on the unlicensed website Kissasian.

  • Download a movie in high definition
  • HD Full Movie
  • 720p full movie download
  • 480p HD full movie download
How do I download Kissasian on my iPhone or iPad?

Click the Continue To App link on our website. As a result, you’ll be directed to the App Store.

  • After Kissasian shows in your iOS device’s iTunes listing, you may begin downloading and installing it. Tap the GET button to the right of the app to begin downloading it.
    If you aren’t logged in to the iOS app store, you’ll be asked for your Apple ID and/or password.
  • Look to the right once you’ve downloaded Kissasian for an INSTALL button. Tap on it to begin the actual installation of the iOS app.
  • To start the installation, press the OPEN button once it’s finished. Its icon will also be added to your device’s home screen.
Top 12 Kissasian Alternatives
  1. VIKI

VIKI, like Kissasian, is a global television platform that allows millions of people to watch, discover, and subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly subtly sub Viki is known for breaking through boundaries between viewers and the entertainment industry on a cultural and linguistic level. It is a project of the Rakuten Group, with a global audience of 2 billion people. This corporation includes not just Abate, but also Viber and Lyft. Viki also has downloadable software, and you may use a Viki downloader to convert Viki videos to MP4.


Kissasian broadcasters in Korea have developed a website in the United States, while Kocowa has done the same (i.e., Korean Content Wave). It allows users to watch a variety of popular Korean dramas, TV episodes, programs, and K-pop shows on a single platform. Just a few hours after they air in Korea, the episodes are released on Kocowa with English subtitles.

Kocowa works with a variety of devices, including tablets, computers, smartphones, and smart televisions. Their services are offered without commercials on a subscription basis, however free but ad-supported programs are available within one day of transmission.

3. MyDramaList

From our selection of websites similar to Kissasian, MyDramaList is one of the best to consider. The major goal of MyDramaList is to give Asian drama and movie lovers a forum to chat about and build dramatists for their favorite dramas and shows. One can make a lot of friends while watching and discovering new scenes and movies and having fun.

After many years of beta testing and hard effort, MyDramaList was launched on April 6, 2011. Because it isn’t perfect, this website is presently in Beta mode. MDL is another community-based project that lets people from all areas of life to contribute Asian plays, films, actors, and actresses. Anyone can register and create an account for free on this website.

4. Dramakoreaindo

Are you looking for a way to save high-resolution videos to your computer? Dramakoreanindo, like Kissasian, allows users to download content in resolutions ranging from 360p to 540p. It also contains connections to a variety of websites where visitors can download movies. This website is simple compared to other sites like Viki, and it only offers a few Korean dramas for download. Nonetheless, there are films on this website that garner attention. Furthermore, there are fewer adverts on this site, which will encourage viewers to watch more movies and stay longer.

5. Viu

PCCW operates Viu, a video server. It was first released in Hong Kong. This website features entertainment from throughout the world. As a result, spectators will be able to watch films, videos, and documentaries tailored to their tastes. Every month, about 20 million people utilize Viu.

This website can be considered Hong Kong’s first Ott platform. Initially, the company offered its services for free. It signifies that the company initially provided a free video streaming service before introducing a subscription option once the site’s user base grew large enough. The programs were only available to subscribers. Because of its premium packages, it is one of the greatest websites similar to Kissasian. Content for online enjoyment is accessible in a variety of formats. There are a variety of dramas to choose from as well. This site welcomes all forms of entertainment seekers, whether they are looking for animated shows or movies.

6. Gooddrama

Another website that, in terms of the video library and commercial strategy, is very similar to Kissasian. The website’s design is a little dated, but all of the movies are well-organized and easy to find. Despite the numerous banners and advertisements, there are no intrusive popups.

This website has no virus or hazardous redirects, so switch on your VPN and dive into the world of Asian dramas.

7. Netflix

Netflix provides a vast range of Korean dramas, despite being a subscription streaming service. Netflix has recently added Netflix Originals to its existing Kdrama repertoire.

In 2021, Netflix has already released a few Netflix Exclusive Korean dramas:

  • Start-Up
  • Private Lives
  • Record of Youth
  • Graceful Friends
  • STRANGER Season 2
  • Was it Love?
  • It’s okay to not be okay

This is by no means an exhaustive list. The list might go on forever. Netflix is one of the best-paid streaming options if you don’t want to watch dramas on an illegal streaming site like Kissasian or DramaFever. Its monthly subscription prices range from $7.99 to $14.99.

8. KTVDrama

KTVDrama is a site similar to KissAsian that offers streaming movies to keep you entertained. The numerous categories and genres are shown on the website’s home page. Users can scroll through the listings and pick their favorite TV show or movie.

KTVDrama is available to anyone without the need to create an account or subscribe. Simply go to the home page, type in your favorite TV show or movie, and press play to start streaming.

9. Viewasian

Viewasian and KissAsian are fairly similar in terms of content. However, it does not allow you to download videos directly. At this moment, users can only stream on the website.

Viewasian has a wide range of content, including romance, drama, mystery, and comedy. Additionally, the films with the most views in a day or week are highlighted in the sidebar to keep you up to date on what’s trending.

10. Polldrama

Polldrama is an alternative to KissAsian for streaming and downloading Asian dramas, movies, and series. On this platform, you can view it with English subtitles. To locate what you’re looking for, sort the material by rating, most-watched, and tags.

11. Boxasian

Where else can I view the drama than KissAsian? On Boxasian, you may choose from a large number of drama TV shows produced in Korea, China, and Taiwan. To help you overcome the language barrier, the platform features English subtitles. Another benefit is that it is legal, which implies that its services are reliable.

For a fantastic viewing experience, the website offers high-quality video in a variety of resolutions. Additionally, Boxasian does not require a subscription to download your favorite Korean or Asian new releases as soon as they become available.

12. Hulu

Hulu works in a similar way to KissAsian in that it is a website. It gives customers access to live streaming videos, which they can watch in their spare time. This website offers a forum for creative artists looking to promote their work to a ready-made audience as well as those seeking entertainment. Despite the fact that Hulu has a number of competitors, user preference has kept it at the top. It offers not only high-quality films but also a wide range of videos from various genres, making it the greatest option for viewers. It includes not just current shows and films, but also classics.

Websites that are still operational in 2021, according to Kissasian Mirrors:

Because all similar websites, such as Kissasian, are illegal and contain stolen content, the government is continually striving to ban them. Every pirate website that was previously blocked has risen from the ashes under a variety of different domain names. So, just because the website is live now, doesn’t mean it will be live tomorrow on the same domain (proxy). It’s a cat and mouse game.

At the time, the following Kissasian mirrors are operational:

How to Use the Kissasian App?

1. You must register as a user.

To gain access to the dramas and movies, create a free account. It’s really easy to do so; simply go to the registration page once you’ve arrived at the site via the link above.

After that, you will be logged in after properly completing out the forms.

That’s it; after you’ve signed up, you can start streaming or downloading your favorite Korean dramas.

2. Conduct a search for the information you require.

Maybe you’ve discovered something you like? Simply click on it to get started.

For the purposes of this lesson, we’ll try to download That Man Called Oh Soo, one of my favorite Korean dramas. The story revolves around a man who has the power to sense love and can assist individuals form or break up relationships that aren’t supposed to exist.

In any case, here’s a glance at the drama pages:

For this one, I’ll start with episode one and highlight the controls. Scroll down to see the episode list and start at any time.

3. Figure out how to get the captcha to work.

To keep bots out, you must complete a captcha challenge before you can access the content page. This is how it generally looks:

If you choose the right piece, you’ll be fine.

4. Press the play button to begin watching.

Alternatively, you can download the episodes to your device and watch them at your leisure.

Kissasian offers a range of options for downloading Korean dramas right away. To begin, simply start watching the video, switch to full-screen mode, and then right-click to save it to your computer.

You may also access the download links in different resolutions by scrolling down the page and clicking on the adverts.

This is the highest quality available for this series; on mobile, click and save as to save to your phone, while using the browser is the best and easiest way to acquire what you want from the website.

What are the film attributes of Kissasian Apk?

Pirate websites frequently publish movies and TV shows. On these illicit websites, copyrighted material is stolen and new movies are leaked.

Several Tamil films, both Kissasian Tamil and dubbed films, are available. You may watch mostly Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free on this illegal website. The portal offers a wide selection of high-definition films. The several forms of streaming that can be used to watch or download a movie on Kissasian are listed below. The Kissasian website also has high-definition movies. The majority of people watch or download high-definition movies on a regular basis. On Kissasian’s illegal website, all movies are streamed in a specified quality. You can watch a variety of movies in the following streaming quality on the Illegal Kissasian website.

High-Definition (HD) Movie Download

  • HD Full Movie
  • 720p full movie download
  • 480p HD Full Movie Download

Kissasian APK has the following features:

  • It’s completely free.
  • Android apps that are popular with anime fans
  • Free access to your favorite anime videos
  • Anime episodes are available to view.
  • Watch videos in high definition.
  • Subtitles in English are available.
  • There are no category filters.
  • Subtitles in English are available.
  • There is an English dub/dub available.
  • There are Portuguese subtitles, legends, and doubles available.
  • The design is similar to that of any other application.
  • It is possible to load the page quickly.
  • It is possible to download
  • Yes, streaming is available.
Blocking Ads on Kiss Asian

So far, I’ve given you tips on how to avoid pop-up ads and stay safe online. Kissasian, on the other hand, is having a lot of trouble.

When you move your mouse over the site, you’ll notice that it’s littered with 18+ adverts.

You should use an adblocker extension or a specialist adblocker browser if you want to decrease the number of advertisements you see on Kissasian even more. The following adblocker extensions are the only ones I recommend:

1.AdBlock Plus is an ad blocker that is absolutely free (Chrome).

2. Adblock Plus is an application that prevents you from seeing advertising (Firefox).

3. Download one of them or use a browser with an ad blocker built-in.

Kiss Asian’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Kissasian is no exception, and it comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. So, here are my ideas on the benefits and drawbacks.


  • A website that is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • There’s a vast range of popular Asian drama shows and films to choose from.
  • A great customer care team, as well as options for requesting extra content and reporting difficulties.
  • It’s not necessary to turn off Adblocker.


Kissasian cheats the creators out of some of the money owed to them by failing to purchase the rights to some of the shows on the site.

Both the subtitled and dubbed divisions could use some enhancements.

Is Kissasian a safe website to use?

When I say a website is secure, what exactly do I mean? It indicates that our computer or PC is not affected by viruses or other malware when we visit these websites. After that, I’d like to reassure you that Kissasian is entirely safe and welcoming.

Kiss Asian does not need us to turn off our adblocker, which allows us to be safe from the majority of infections.

Kissasian has just changed ad hosting companies. This causes issues on devices that have an ad blocker installed. There is, however, no need to be concerned. I’ll now go through a few points that will help you correct your pain:

  • Go to your adblocker’s preferences.
  • Navigate to the Filters tab.
Copy and paste the following link into the space:






Apply any of the above-mentioned filters.

After that, restart your browser (you can even restart your device if you wish).

The second of the links worked wonderfully for me. Wait a while if you’re still having issues because the issue could be due to maintenance or geoblocking ( later in this blog, we will guide you through geoblocking as well).

Here’s a brilliant ruse for you to try! Yes! You’ve probably guessed it: a VPN is required. To access geo-restricted websites, we can utilize a VPN. VPN masks your identity while allowing you to securely access the site from a variety of places. Enjoy yourself and have a good time viewing!

What film genres are available on Kissasian 2021?

To make the site accessible to all users, Kissasian has separated it into several categories. This isn’t because just a certain number of films are eligible. This illegal Kissasian website categorized the films into many genres in order to make them more accessible to consumers. You’ll be able to find the video more quickly and have a better chance of getting the shot you want. The numerous categories available on Kissasian’s unlawful website are listed below.

  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Action
  • Sci-fi
  • War
  • Thriller
  • Sports
  • Mystery
  • Tragedy
  • Mythology
  • Comedy
  • Children
  • Web-based series
  • Series on television

Frequently Asked Questions on Kissasian

Q. Is Kissasian a legitimate business?

The majority of the time, security and legitimacy are interchangeable terms. This isn’t always the case, though. Kissasian is safe to use for browsing and streaming movies and drama series, however, the techniques it uses to get them to us are not.

Q. Can you tell me where I can get free Korean drama downloads?

One of the most popular sites for free and high-quality Korean drama downloads. Kissasian has been around for a while and has been gone to ensure that Korean Drama lovers never miss an episode of their favorite series by allowing them to see or download episodes on their devices.

Q. How do I download/install the AsianKiss Drama App?

Kissasian Drama is the only Asian drama and film app you’ll ever need. It is available for download and uses at no cost. Install and run this application to learn about new methods to watch movies. New Korean, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese films with English and Indonesian subtitles in one place.

Q. Can you tell me how to download Kissasian films to my computer?

Go to the website where you want to acquire the video or music and fill out the form. Press the Play button on the audio or video file. After that, the link to the downloaded file will appear in the extension. Select the file you wish to download and click “Download” in the Video Downloader Pro extension.


Kissasian APK is a safe and secure Android app. This application has already undergone extensive testing. If that’s the case, this APK is for you. All of your favorite games and apps are now available to you. We only ever recommend high-quality apps and games. This is the most trusted program for Android users. If you’ve been looking for anything similar for a while. Then, to use the Pro features, stop searching and install the most recent version of the APK. On our website, you can get more free apps and games.

Are you bored with Kiss Asian App APK? Then it’s time to look into other web tools that are a little less exciting in terms of content development but can give anything and everyone a voice.

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