La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) Renewed for Season 4, Know All About the Finale

La Casa de Papel

Netflix’s foreign language series, Money Heist has just dropped its Season 3 after a long wait.

Money Heist Season 3 brings back the team together to head towards another Heist, and action hyped mission to rescue Rio.

Evidently, Money Heist has earned a huge fanbase since Netflix re-released the series.

Moreover, its Season 3 has become the most-watched series even clobbered Netflix’ top-notch, Stranger Things.

Money Heist has left the fans in a heart-wrenching situation by putting them on a cliffhanger by the end of its Season 3.

Therefore, now, the fans are eager for Money Heist Season 4.

And as per the news, Money Heist has been renewed for it Season 4 which will be the last one in the series.

Although, the fans want more from the makers, and this news is really gut-wrenching.

As per the sources, Season 4 is currently underproduction and will hit hard the screens in 2020.

Season 4 of Money Heist will continue the chain of action hyped dramatic sequences from the end of Season 3. While at the end of Season 3, fans witnessed the gang stranded in the Bank of Spain whereas, on the other hand, Nairobi’s life was in danger. (

So, it will be highly intense to have a conclusion to the series, Money Heist, and watch how the gang will able to save themselves.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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