Lady Gaga Apologizes For Being a Part of R. Kelly

Lady Gaga Apologizes For Making Music With R. Kelly & Vows To Make Amends: ‘I Stand Behind’ His Accusers

Lady Gaga and R Kelly
Image Credit: Mashable

The heat is dragging from here to there after Lady Gaga 32 have collaborated with R. Kelly 2013. Lady Gaga has been accused of many reasons the Team R. Kelly has said they have been threatening Lady Gaga for so long now it’s going to be out to the world very soon. Here is the whole story :

After collaborating with R.Kelly team in 2013 for the song “Do what you want” she is quite regretting the decision that she has been part of this thing.

After new sexual and abuses accused for the team R Kelly being aired on Jan 03 , she is saying she is quite in a pain and truly believe the person and saying they all are innocent and in pain and we all should be with them and raise their voices to know everyone what exactly happen she is regretting that she was the part of them sometimes before .

Also, she has mentioned on her At Jan 09, What I am hearing about the allegations against R Kelly is absolutely horrifying and indefensible.” R. Kelly has almost denied all allegations and its quite nasty about him.

In Surviving R. Kelly, over 50 women gave testimonies to alleged abuse. Even #MeToo founder Tarana Burke and singer John Legend were interviewed. R. Kelly has faced sexual misconduct accusations since the ’90s.


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