Lifeprint’s Harry Potter printer adds motion magic to photos

Lifeprint's Harry Potter Printer
Photo Credit: Digital Trends

The photos of Harry Potter come to life, unlike in the Muggle world. Everyone familiar with the world of Harry Potter whether by watching its movies or reading books can understand the fun. 20 years ago, J.K. Rowling, first introduced the Wizarding World in the book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

However, a huge thanks to a smartphone, augmented reality and the Lifeprint instant printer. As they have enabled the fans to see moving photos through Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer and App.

The printer is conglomerate among Warner Brothers and Lifeprint. By using the instant printer technology of Lifeprint that is based around Zink. However, it is surely more than a standard printer device. Because it includes features from Harry Potter.

Its availability in gold trim and graphics, black or white make it appears as a magical gadget that came from the Wizarding World. Furthermore, there is a customization option for its owners. This feature adds adhesive medallions that exhibit the exact Hogwart House, he or she recognizes with. However, robe and wand are not added.

AR function is actually the neat trick of this printer. In fact, life print devices are also a legendary example of magical. As they also not use ink with zink. Instead, ink gets embedded into the paper, and upon provision of heat, the colors of the image are revealed.

The resulting printed photos are 2D images and called as HyperPhotos. Once, they are scanned with a Lifeprint app for Android or iOS; the images come to life. Consequently, disclosing a photo related video or a special message from a loved one or fried.


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