What to Look Out for in an Economics Study Guide?


Exams are a challenge, there’s no doubt about it. Preparing for exams, particularly for subjects like economics, can be tough. And it can become even more challenging if you don’t have enough guidance. While you can choose online courses to help you with the material, they usually cover a lot so it can be quite difficult to know where to start when you are studying. So, how can you eliminate the element of surprise on your economics test and secure good grades? The trick is to spend time reviewing what you don’t know and focus on the right material. That’s where economics study guides come in.

Whenever you have a big economics test coming up, using a quality economics study guide makes the preparation easier. Study guides are basically condensed versions of all the key information that you need to know in order to perform well in a test.

What to Look Out for in an Economics Study Guide

There are a number of economics study guides out there aimed at helping students to pass the economics exam. However, not all study guides are the same in quality. Creating an A Level and IB Economics Study Guide is an art and you want to choose one that is both efficient and useful. For this purpose, you will need look out for certain aspects. Following are some tips that will help you choose the right economics study guide:


First of all, it is recommended that you check and confirm that the study guide is there to help you pass the economics exam with good grades. This is important because it influences the style and presentation of content in which the guide is delivered. You will want guidance not only to help you answer the tough questions, but also to anticipate just what may come up. Ideally, the study guide should be specifically targeted to help you pass the economics exam, not make it difficult for you by drowning you with details.

Written by the Subject Expert

To ensure you get the best economics study guide, look for one that is written by the subject expert and a natural test scorer. This is because such study guides are the ones that contain actual facts and inside knowledge from someone who knows what they are talking about.

Exam Tips

For an economics study guide to be a quality one, it needs to be presented to you in a way that makes it clear how crucial it is for your exam. A reliable economics study guide is packed with powerful diagrams, effective examples, insightful evaluations, and model explanations – all of which are extremely helpful for economics students. Apart from these, the study guide should also contain tips or pieces of information sprinkled throughout so that you can prioritize and dedicate more time on the questions that have a chance to appear in your exam.

Direct and to the Point

This is another quality you should look for in an economics study guide. Many tuition centers, including JC Economics Tuition in Singapore, offer economics study guides that are direct and to the point because they know that adding any padding or fluff is only going to distract students from actually learning the correct methods and right answers with which they can successfully pass their economics A Level exam.

Presentation Style

Think about what your style of learning is and how you study best. Determine if you are a tactile, auditory, or visual learner. These three different kinds of learners absorb information in different ways. You might have noticed that you take in information more efficiently either through listening, reading, or making visual notes. With this knowledge, it is recommended that you choose the economics study guide that fits your style. The purpose of this is to make sure that you select a study guide that is interesting to you. So, look for the economics study guide that ‘speaks to you’. You will simply absorb and retain more when you are engaged in the learning process.

Leverage on a Teaching Expert

In addition to a great study guide, it would also be highly beneficial to have access to a teaching expert who can answer your questions and guide you. Support is very important whether from a fellow student or a mentor. Particularly for a study guide, make sure that it comes with support from the subject expert.


Last but not least, don’t choose an economics study guide without reading some testimonials first. If the study guide has many testimonials from students that show that they are happy with it, it follows to reason that they used that particular guide and passed the exam.

In conclusion, choosing a quality economics study guide is not difficult as long as you do your research. The above-listed tips will certainly aid you in this regard.


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