Love Island Season 5, What’s Going On?

Has Love Island

Episode 29 of Love Island Set to Air on Monday at 9 pm on 1 July 2019!

The British Dating Reality Show “Love Island” is currently airing on ITV2 with its Season 5. The reality show has gained so much praise and love from the viewers since its beginning. The way different unknown people happened to meet each other and develop relationships with each other apart from their weirdness and strangeness towards each other.

Now, Season 5 of the series is gaining applaud among viewers. Till now, we have got 28 episodes of season 5 which have intensified and mesmerized the fans’ hearts with interesting turns and twists. Now, Episode 29 of the series has been scheduled to air on ITV2. The Episode 29 titled will air at 9 pm on ITV2.

Viewers can watch the show online as well. However, fans from the UK have to enter their TV subscription details in order to login to ITV Hub and online stream the show. Along with the on airing episodes, viewers can watch the previous episodes on the ITV Hub as well.

Moreover, Hulu which has the American streaming rights so it on airs 5 episodes every Saturday in America.

Don’t forget to watch the dating reality show “Love Island” tonight at 9 Pm.

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