Lucifer Season 5: Is Eve making a comeback?

Lucifer season 5

Lucifer remained a part of tv shows and entertainment news from the last two months.  Last year, when Fox dropped this tv shows, the fan started a campaign, and Netflix caught the show. People who have enjoyed four seasons of Lucifer are anxiously waiting for Season 5. I have got some updates regarding the upcoming season and some news about Eve-comeback. Check this out.

Netflix didn’t renew the Lucifer for Season 5, and there is no official release date. Although we didn’t see any green signal yet, it doesn’t mean there won’t be any in the future. Netflix has a history of giving its fans some surprise at the last minute.

Therefore, I suggest the fans of the show to keep their hopes alive. There are more than eighty percent chances that Lucifer Season 5 will come back on Netflix. The story of Lucifer is not over yet; show creator has some unique plans for this fan-favorite character.

Is Eve Coming back on Lucifer Season 5?

Whenever people talk about Lucifer Season 5, they are not only interested in its release date, but they also want to know whether Eve will make a comeback or become a show-regular or not. If this is your question, then I have got some answer.

Eve becomes a part of Lucifer in Season 4. She appeared as an ex-girlfriend of Lucifer Morning star. Inbar Lavi plays Eve role. We saw them both together in Season 4. They have good chemistry and romance seems incredible between theme. However, we didn’t get a chance to see a lot of it. There were just some from the past.

At the end of Lucifer Season 4, Lucifer decided to go back to his home town –Hell. Moreover, he was not the only one with the same decision. We also see that Eve made a plan of self-discovery journey. She told Maze that she wants to find herself and left Los Angeles.

According to Eve, she always put men like Adam and Lucifer ahead of her need, it is time to know what she likes , want, and need. Eve tried to take Lucifer back into hell by getting help from Demon Dromos.

As she has gone in the Season 4, will she come back in the Season 5? When this question was asked from the writers of the show, they said that doors are open for Eve, that’s mean she probably would come back.

Even showrunner said that crew and cast liked to work with Eve. So, we can say that both Eve and Lucifer will come back from Hell and make this earth more incredible than before. What do you say?


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