Lucifer Season 5: Will Gabriel Really Come in the Series?

Lucifer Season 5


Netflix’s series Lucifer does not need an introduction. One of the most popular and favorite fan series is coming with its fifth installment. Fans are curious to know about the spoilers of the lucifer season. Now many fans are asking about Gabriel appearance in season 5. Let’s talk about it.

At the beginning of the year, season five had confirmed by Netflix. All streaming platforms renewed the lucifer season. Now the production has started for the lucifer season five, but the storyline is under wraps.

The series is on the last outing, and many new characters can appear in it. The Gabriel character appeared in the original comic book were depicted as a disgraced angel for the help of his brother in the time of need. Lucifer and Gabriel always work together. So the spoilers are saying they can turn up to help lucifer in the Hell in the TV show.

Therefore, if Gabriel appears in the new show then the the chances are that it would add to the Devil’s family dynamic.

Everyone is saying Gabriel can give a power to lucifer’s bonding with his father, God. So now the question is that could really Gabriel would really help Lucifer to get out of hell?

Amenadiel is also a brother of Lucifer who is also filming in the show, and it would be interesting. Showrunner Joe Henderson also hinted that characters from the comics also turning back. Star said, “ we have a checklist of themes and ideas on which we can play. We have got different ideas and fans will really enjoy it.

Very soon! Lucifer season is coming in 2020.




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