Lucifer Season 5: Will There Be On Netflix? What Can Fans Expect After Season 4 Finale Twist?

Lucifer on Netflix: Will there be a season 5? What can fans expect after season 4 finale twist?

lucifer season 5

Lucifer is an amazing show with great performance. After the finale of season 4, the fans hope for season 5 will be there on Netflix in upcoming days. As the finale of season 4 left some clues and twists that should have to explore in next season. So, it requires Lucifer Season 5 to complete some unanswered queries.

It would really like to know what the story is after detective Decker find out that the sometimes emotional, sometimes reckless, sometimes surprising, stupid but nice & caring partner Lucifer is “THE DEVIL HIMSELF”.

As fans like to know how she processes all the facts. However, it will be great to see both of them working with a case knowing that she is working with the all mighty Devil. And how she handles her emotions. While from Lucifer point of view it will be amazing to see, well he never lied to decker about himself. But he never showed his face to her maybe because of fear of losing her.

After he knows that she saw his true face his fear really comes to life. What will be the emotional change in the devil himself? And how he process this change.

This show really gave “THE DEVIL” a really new concept. Therefore, all of the fans will hope Season 5 with more complex crime cases more relation drama and a much darker Lucifer with the same human personality.

As all of you may know that is not the end of the Lucifer series. As the love tale of Chloe and Lucifer will definitely become up with more twists and turns. Although, there is no confirm news about Lucifer Season 5 fans are already making their minds for season 5.

Now its time to see what will happen next for Lucifer Season 5, Let me know by commenting below.


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