Masked Singer Winner of Season 3 Revealed Leading to Lot of Excitement

Masked Singer winner

Masked Singer Winner of Season 3 Revealed Leading to Lot of Excitement

We have all stuck at home this lockdown and all of us are binging on one show or the other. While you may have your personal preference, Masked Singer is a show that has become very popular recently. Season 3 of the show concluded a few days ago and the Masked Singer winner was announced. This brought an end to weeks of speculation regarding who will win the show. The charm of the show is that celebrities compete against each other wearing a costume from head to toe. Thus, nobody knows who the singer behind the costume is, and hence the show is called Masked Singer. Every week, a singer leaves the show after an elimination. Only while leaving the show does a singer show his or her true identity?

The Season 3 Finale

The Masked Singer recently had its Season three’s finale. Turtle, Frog, and Night Angel were the three finalists who made it to the end. All three finalists had an epic face-off before a winner was named and all three revealed their true identities. The Masked Singer winner would bag the golden mask. The frog would be the rapper to win this show and Night Angel would be the first woman to win the show. The turtle had told everyone that there was a performance from the bottom of his heart that he was saving. The stakes were high for all three contestants.


Frog portrays a ‘bad boy’ image throughout the season. He was easily one of the most exciting contestants in the whole season. He is a rapper and a good one at that. Rap is a good music genre even though some people don’t consider it worthy of a first prize. Frog’s last performance, however, left much to be desired. The star entertainer of this season faltered in the end. Instead of going for a stellar or unique performance, he went with an old-school aggressive rap. His mellow flow was interrupted by his choppy delivery. This contradiction in his performance was disappointing since fans had come to expect a lot from him.

The frog said that this was his first time choreographing and he was growing because of it. He sent out a message of strength, self-belief, and self-empowerment. There was a ‘no limits’ sign in his final clue set. This made people speculate that it could be Kid Cudi since he is very versatile. Lil Romeo was also one of the top guesses. Since it was Frog’s first time choreographing it couldn’t be MC Hammer. Twitter was almost certain that Frog was Bow Wow.


The turtle was the one who had saved his best for the last. He gave a heartfelt and emotional performance that left everyone teary-eyed. He chose to go with one of Lewis Capaldi’s songs and gave it his emotional touch. This was his most genuine and beautiful performance on the show till now.

Turtle acquired a place in all our hearts by talking about ‘almosts’. He talked about times in his life when he was almost there but still missed it by a whisker. This is something we have all felt in some part of our lives and we can relate to it. His singing had great depth to it and he put his heart and soul into his performances.

Twitter believes that Turtle is Jesse McCartney. Some people believed that it could be Nick Jonas under Turtle’s costume. The popular vote, however, suggested that turtle was in fact, Jesse McCartney.

Night Angel

Night Angel picked a classic song by Tina Turner for the final performance. Her string vocals impressed everyone in the crowd. She pulled off a cheeky move when she looked towards an imaginary clock as she was holding a long note. Some people, however, felt that she should have shown more range and grit in her performance.

Night Angel talked about wanting to have a solo career but she gave up that dream. This suggested that she had at least some career while singing in a group or so. She also said that she was a mother and had grown kids. She said that she is still into music but more into the behind-the-scenes side.

Twitter and popular opinion both asserted that Kandi Burruss was Night Angel. The Taraji P. Henson guess went out of the window since Night Angel has kids.

Masked Singer Winner for Season 3

The frog was the one who ended up bagging the third position in the Season 3 of Masked Singer. A lot of people thought he would place first this season but his last performance dashed those hopes. The frog was none other than the rapper Bow Wow. Twitter was right on the mark with this guess.

Unfortunately, Masked Singer would be another ‘almost’ for Turtle. Turtle again almost had it but just missed it by a whisker. He stood second in this season of Masked Singer. He has performed consistently throughout the show. His vocals have been strong and on the mark. His touching and heartfelt performances enthralled the audience.

The Surprise

Many people were surprised that he came second since he was a top contender for the first rank. Now, coming to Turtle’s real identity. Twitter undisputedly got this correct as well since it was Jesse McCartney behind Turtle’s costume.

Now, coming to the first position. There is no doubt that it was Night Angel who became the Masked Singer winner. She became the first woman to win Masked Singer. Night Angel gave a stellar final performance with string vocals and clinched the title. By now, everyone has guessed the real identity of Night Angel. It was indeed Kandi Burruss who was behind Night Angel’s costume all this time. This was an empowering moment for Kandi as she has established herself as a powerful solo singer. Even though she had given up on her solo career earlier, this is her shot at redemption.

Final Thoughts

This finale brought an end to an exciting season of Masked Singers. The best part about this show is that it judges solely based on talent. Since nobody knows who is behind the mask, all preconceived notions are disregarded. This gives the underdogs a chance at victory and allows established singers to explore their singing without any judgment.


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