Meet DJ Iljano , the Albanian Superstar

DJ Iljano - Albanian Singer

Ylli Shahaj known as DJ Iljano is a professional musician from Albania. From an early age his first words has always been music. Iljano’s follows originality by putting his own twist to his melodies, producing and writing in every genre. Coupled with drive and passion Iljano is unstoppable. Now he’s a reputable and professional musician of the Albanian people is on incredible run of form late and things have only gotten better for the celebrated musician whose music has redefined the belief of the Albanians.

It has also been an amazing start to the year as his fan base increased significantly including the lovers of his music. The ever-changing music world continues to evolve overtime and DJ Iljano seems not to be left out in helping to shape the Albanian entertainment industry to be amongst the giant in the world today.

DJ IIjano is a millennial entrepreneur, philanthropist and above all a celebrated Albanian musician.

His musical portfolio is second to none, a de facto of standard.

Iljano shahaj intend to represent a new generation of Albanian music that will touch all of its citizens as well as the intercontinental audience with his unique vocals and vibes which he is been known for decades of years to come. His incredible upbeat attitude, motivational songs, and positive energy combine to make him one of the most sought after musician in the business today.

In a recent interview with the talented musician DJ Iljano, he said: “My goal is to always provide my fans and all Albanians with soulful music that will always uplift their souls and keep them in a cool comfort zone”. Iljano poised to become the all-time best Albanian musician in the world. Following a poll statistics, @Albanianmusicfanbase one can tell that DJ Iljano career is on a roller-coaster. As long as he is breathing he will make the Albanians and the world love his music.

To listen to his music and for latest about, follow him on social media:

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