Milk Tea Alliance Campaign Now Has an Emoticon on Twitter

Milk Tea Alliance campaign now has an emoticon on Twitter

The ginormous social networking platform Twitter came up on Thursday with the latest emoticon for the Milk Tea Alliance. This alliance is a worldwide virtual pro-democracy campaign that has unified anti-Beijing activists in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Along with campaigners in Myanmar and Thailand.

Protesters embraced the proclamation of the emoticon since the movement started. This emoji resembles a cup set in white color against three unlike colors of a famous milk tea in Thailand.

The Alliance of Milk Tea has brought together activists encouraging pro-democracy.

How the Milk Tea Alliance movement get fueled?

Last year Chinese nationalists alleged an actor from Thailand and his lady love of promoting democracy and freedom of Taiwanese.

The campaign became popular among campaigners who are pro-democratic in Thailand. They want democracy instead of a monarchy. This movement also earned popularity among anti-Beijing protesters who alleged Beijing destroy the democratic atmosphere in their state of Hong Kong. This movement’s goal is to abolish Chinese dominance.

#MilkTeaAlliance gained popularity

In February, the usage of #MilkTeaAlliance speared again, followed by a military coup that accelerated mass protests.

Twitter revealed in a statement that above 11 million Tweets contain the hashtag #MilkTeaAlliance over the recent year.

Twitter stated that people should have the right to open internet services for essential updates, vital services during the movement. One of the leading voices of Thai activist Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal said that recognition is a perfect moment for the campaign. He noted that Twitter showed recognition, and they had to fight with the dominance of Chinese authorities and dictators. This campaign is running in the real world also along with virtual space. This movement has a significant influence – he added.

Campaigners commemorated this virtual proclamation. Leading activist Joshua Wong used this emoticon and said unity comes first in every situation. However, James Buchanan, Mahidol University professor, said this campaign endorsement would not affect the Chinese economy.

In the past, Twitter has launched emoticon for the #BlacklivesMatter and #MeToo campaign.

China’s reaction to Alliance of Milk Tea

China banned Twitter and condemned the Alliance of Milk Tea. Moreover, China defined Taiwan as the mastermind behind this campaign. According to Bloomberg reports, foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said this campaign persistently happened against China in a press meet.


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