Movieswood: Top 40 Alternatives to Watch Telugu and Bollywood Films

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Movieswood is a free movie torrent site where you can watch or download pirated films. This is also a well-known website. Here you’ll find a wide range of films, including antique, medium, and contemporary titles.

Every Friday, the massive line outside the movie theaters demonstrates how much our country’s people are made for movies. Movies have become a part of Indian culture, and they are one of the things that bring people together. The movie’s enchantment is so strong that you find a way to squeeze it into your busy schedule to see it with your family and friends. It also helps to relax your thoughts by transporting you to another virtual world. You are able to perceive vivid interpretations of your imaginations, which is why you can relate to the themes displayed in the movies. All of this culminates in entertainment. You can clear your thoughts of all anxieties and prepare for a better tomorrow when you are entertained.

The cost of carrying out the entire episode of movie watching is significant. The cost of the movie tickets, the expense of transportation, and the cost of the popcorns all add up to a significant sum. As a result, many individuals avoid coming to the movies, and their desire to see the film stays unfulfilled. To a significant extent, the pirated Movieswood website has been able to meet everyone’s wishes. The website allows you to download and watch a variety of movies without spending any money. Their library is extensive, and you can easily find your favorite films on their website. All of the content on the website is free, and you can view it at any time.

What is exactly Movieswood?

This is a torrent website where you can watch or download pirated movies for free. This site is also well-known. You’ll find all kinds of movies here, including antique, medium, and contemporary.

This website was built in the year 2015. And the person who owns it is unknown. They conceal their identities in order to prevent the government from pursuing legal action against them.

This website is being searched by millions of people on Google. Many different types of movies could be downloaded. You may also download the movie in a variety of formats.

Telugu Movies Download is the most popular on Movieswood. However, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, and a wide range of other films can be found here.

More than ten lakh people have visited this website. However, because they are no longer a permanent region, users will confront a variety of issues. Many motion pictures will be found around it if you search on YouTube.

How to Download Movie from MoviesWood?

You should be aware, based on the name of this website, that this film is intended for downloading. You may get Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannur, and English Hindi dubbed films here. It may be tough to get to this website, but once you do, you will be able to download movies without difficulty. We’ll show you how to do that in the following paragraphs.

Step 1: First and foremost, access the website through a secure operating system or a virtual private network (VPN). After that, open the film you choose by clicking on it.

Step 2: From here, you can choose between Download and Live moves. You are free to do whatever you desire.

Step 3: If you need to download something, there are likely to be numerous download links available right here. Open any individual and download it.

You may easily download your favorite serials and movies in this manner. People who are unfamiliar with the site may have difficulty accessing it. You can easily accomplish this by using your chosen VPN or proxy website online.

Movieswood Newlink

This website’s region is always restricted. Because, as I previously stated, the authorities do not accept pirated websites. As soon as the authorities become aware of it, the domain is blocked.

However, those individuals have resurrected their website by registering a new domain. Now I’ll tell you how to find out more about the new link.

The answer is that you may find it by searching on Google or by joining its Telegram channel. I’m going to tell you about a few of its area lists.

1. Movieswood.Me,

2. Movieswood.Xyz,

3. Movieswood.Com,

4. Movieswood.In,

5. Movieswood.Co,

6. Movieswood.Internet,

7. Movieswood.Website online,

8. Movieswood.We,

9. Movieswood.Ae,

10. Movieswood.Ws,

11. Movieswood.Ws

12. Movieswood.Download

13. Movieswood.Live

14. Movieswood.Cs

15. Movieswood.Me

16. Movieswood.Xyz

17. Movieswood.In

18. Movieswood.Org

19. Movieswood.Nic

20. Movieswood.Telugu

21. Movieswood.App

22. Movieswood.Ac

Features of the Movieswood

For your convenience, some of the website’s most important features are listed here.

  • The website’s app version offers a more convenient way to use Movieswood. They are updated on a regular basis to ensure that previous versions’ flaws are fixed and that the user does not experience any difficulties when using the app.
  • The website’s servers are extremely quick, allowing users to access the internet at a faster rate. As a result, consumers are able to stream and download internet videos at a very high speed.
  • Movieswood’s mobile app is compatible with any Android device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, which is one of the app’s major advantages.
  • Both the website and the app have a user-friendly interface, according to users. It is uncluttered and simple to comprehend. Even the website’s contents are well-organized so that users can easily locate what they’re looking for and have a positive experience.
  • Movieswood is an APK with minimal file size. As a result, it takes up relatively little storage space on the CPU or any other storage device. As a result, you don’t need to think twice about downloading the app.

Top 40 Alternatives to Movieswood in 2021:


2. Moviewatcher

3. Gostream

4. Movierill

5. CmoviesHD

6. Vumoo

7. Snagfilms

8. Movie4u

9. MX Player

10. TeaTv

11. GoMovies

12. Yesmovies

13. Ditto TV

14. O2 Movies

15. FilmyWap

16. Fmovies

17. TodayPK

18. Khatrimaza

19. Yomovies

20. 123movies

21. MovieRulz

22. Sony Crackle

 23. Tamil Rockers

24.  Movie Mad

25.  Movie4k

26. Hulu

27. Nites Movies

28. Watch Free

29. 5 Movies

30. Bmovies

31. Filmyhit

How Does Movieswood Website Make Revenue?

The website frequently uploads a movie within two or three days after its release. It is also possible that the film will be added to theaters even before it is released. This has the effect of energizing on-site guests. The diversity of advertising decreases as the number of visitors decreases. As a result, the website earns money from the adverts. As a result, the area has increased both the number of visitors and the amount of money they earn.

Movieswood is a torrent website that distributes all of its films as illegal content. A large number of people from unspecified locations work on the website. Customers could choose from a variety of film teams and easily import their favorite films. To watch movies from the Movieswood illegal website, the user must first access the internet by typing in the domain name. After that, the customer is free to download their preferred films. Google AdSense allows publishers to profit from their online content by allowing them to click on advertising and other hyperlinks on their website.

What are the various movie genres offered on Movieswood?

You can choose from a vast range of film genres on Movieswood. Whether you’re a big fan of South Indian cinema or want to go on science fiction adventures like Star Wars, this site will keep you entertained with its vast array of possible results. Many regional film aficionados will be able to watch any of the new films and videos accessible on their platforms without having to worry about hidden fees. You can look through a number of well-known classifications, including:

  1. Hollywood Films

  2. TV Shows Currently Airing

  3. Punjabi Films

  4. Movies from South India

  5. Bollywood Films

On the Movieswood website, there are several categories to choose from.

This website has divided movies into numerous categories to make it easier for consumers to find what they’re looking for. The following are the Movieswood categories:

  • Latest Marathi Movies

  • New Bollywood Hindi Movies

  • Hindi Dubbed South Indian movies

  • HD Malayalam Movies

  • HD Tamil Movies

  • Dubbed Holywood Movies

  • HD Telugu Movies

How can I get the Movieswood app?

If you don’t want to use the Movieswood App to download movies from your computer, there is another method. The developers of the website have also produced an app, which is no longer available on the Google Play Store. Movieswood, also known as MovieRulz, is a free movie that can be viewed on the Movieswood app, which is used by millions of people. When it comes to the design aspect of the DesignMini software, it is quite user-friendly. All of the groups are beautifully split. Yamini is regarded to be the undisputed ruler when it comes to streaming or uploading Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, and English films, web series, TV shows, desi dramas, and documentaries.

According to sources, the Movieswood app is available for Smart TV, PC, Android, and iOS, so you may watch it on your favorite device. It should be reminded that before the movierulz application becomes legal, it cannot be downloaded from an official source like the Google Play Store. As a result, third-party sources such as Hindi Links 4u can be used to download the app from your phone.

When using the Movieswood app, make sure to use WiFi because it consumes a lot of data. Movieswood is a free cinema software that allows you to watch material without using data and without having to deal with annoying cuts when your internet connection is slow.

Telugu Movieswood There are also other legal options and web pages on this website. The links to which are provided below. –

  • Netflix

  • Amazon Prime Video

  • Disney Hotstar

  • SonyLiv

  • YouTube

  • Zee5

  • Big Flix

  • MX Player

  • PopcornFlix

  • Ice Movie

  • Movie Ninja

Movieswood: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I get the Movieswood app?

Of course, if you have an option, you should choose the website’s mobile application. The software is updated on a regular basis to fix issues. As a result, the app will not crash when you download or watch movies; instead, you will have a better experience than on the website.

Is it possible to locate movies in any language on Movieswood?

Yes, you would be able to locate films in a variety of languages. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to language. Movieswood has produced regional language films in order to suit the expectations of all users. The languages of Hindi and English are two of the most popular choices.

Is there any risk associated with utilizing Movieswood?

Without a doubt. The use of this type of pirated web is fraught with uncertainties. Certain viruses or hazards could be present in the delivered goods, causing PCs to crash instantaneously. The usage of some of the websites that facilitate piracy is an unconstitutional sin under the law. They may be prosecuted if they are caught downloading or streaming illegally.

What makes Movieswood so popular?

According to, a service that gives information on websites across several categories, movieswood has a global Alexa Rank of 785,524. This ranking is based on traffic statistics obtained from a vast number of internet users throughout the world by According to, Movieswood’s popularity has grown in the last 90 days, with its Global Alexa Rank moving from 980,227 to 785,705. Furthermore, states that each consumer visits 1 site on this platform on a regular basis, with an average time spent on the platform of 0.53 minutes (This information was recorded as discovered at on April 9, 2020, and does not state the authenticity of this information nor does it take any liability for the same).

Is it necessary for me to pay for Movieswood?

The website is open to all visitors and is free to use. Movieswood is a browser-based streaming service that works on all platforms.

Is the website’s user interface complicated?

No, the user interface isn’t overly complicated. Movieswood’s website has a very user-friendly interface. Even a novice would have no trouble finding their desired item on the internet. The website also has extremely fast servers, which improves the movie download speed.


USUpdates has no intention of encouraging or condoning piracy in any way. The Copyright Act of 1957 defines piracy as a criminal act that is punishable by law. This page is intended to educate the general public about piracy and to advise them to avoid engaging in such behavior. We also ask that you do not advocate or participate in any sort of piracy.

We recommend that you avoid unlawful sites that offer pirated content and that you protect yourself from spam. Stay safe and in touch with us.

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