Much Waited Drake’s “MIA” Collaboration with Bad Bunny has Finally Come

Bad Bunny Mia video
Photo Credit: XFLOW

In the Bad Bunny’s studio, Drake was spotted in the starting days of the ongoing year. However, until then nothing blows out of the session. Since everyone was eagerly waiting for their joined effort and now it has finally here.

In fact, the following day Drake also posted a photo that much looked like a new video. And now we all have got the answer. It was portraying his guest appearance over “MIA” of Bad Bunny. Yes, it has just arrived and we are here letting you know!

In the hip-hop industry, Bad Bunny is constantly winning hearts of many and getting high ranks. Since once he used to be popular and known in the countries where Spanish is spoken and understood.

However, every passing day is increasing the fame of Bad Bunny. His untiring efforts finally now even also resulted in viewing Drake singing in Spanish as a guest.

Inevitably, Drake is completely informed regarding the latest trends taking place in the music world. In the past, he also collaborated with Black Coffee a South African musician. Also, his faithfulness with dancehall genre is also known for all of us.

You must agree! Drake keeps strong eyes on the emerging trends in the hip-hop world. And now he has come up with some Latin trap.

Drizzy Drake now together with a brand new music video has shown up with another fresh cap. He has stepped in exploring a newer subgenre, he wasn’t acquainted much with.

Let us know about his fresh new track with Bad Bunny.


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